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5.PJP In conclave

PJP, the Principled Jokers Party is seemingly the alternative to the Ruling Party at the Center. While the ruling party clings on one individuals’ tails in Ultimate surrender as Draupathi to Lord Krishna,the PJP is so Democratic, one does not know who the Leader is. It is principled, no doubt, but is marred by it’s another Principle of not sure

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4.The Targets

HC Continues,

‘ Now that we have taken care of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with a total of 40 seats, let’s see what we can in the other States.

In UP, we have two bitter rivals fighting with each other.

The opposition is gunning for the Government in Lucknow.

Not that the Opposition is going to be soft on us.

We are nowhere in the picture now for quite a few years there.

Listen carefully.

To the Rabble Rouser,

‘ you ask your trusted people in UP , ask them to form two groups.

Each group must support one party, one the Opposition , another the the Government in UP.

Ask them to rake up Public cases of Corruption against the Ruling Party and the Taj Corridor Case in the case of the Opposition, among the other charges.

Make sure that the initial demand for reopening of cases come from the respective party against the other.

Your group should join later and put up a show of demonstrating against the Central Government for enquiry and a Delegation to come to Delhi to meet me and the President.

Remind them to drop at the PM’s Office.Turning to Basheer,

‘You open negotiations with both Parties simultaneously.

Ask for sixty out of eighty seats, settle for about seventy.

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3.The Bofors Lane

The ruling Party , as of now, is a monolith. Curiously, it is a Party, born of Democratic principles, is being run by a Single,extra constitutional, non accountable person. People say, it is run be remote. No, it is run hands On, only difference the physical hands on different. Secure in the knowledge that the potential leaders of Stature have

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Call From Delhi

The Cavalcade of the patriarch,Nine Cars in number( this man is a self-styled Rationalist,Atheist,wears a shawl, to appease the Planet, Jupiter,always does things in the auspicious number of Guru(Jupiter),drops his Angavastram( a small towel on his shoulder before leaving Home and touches the ground while picking it up, symbolically prostrating before the Temple at the side of his house), wends its way to his Home in a posh locality of Chennai, where, as usual hangers-on throng, with two Police sentries. who do not know how to use a Rifle stand guard.

He enters, with his entourage, to a Hall, where the Photo of his mother ,his mentor, who he stabbed in his back many a times in his back, his political arch rival, who is no more,whom he declared dead when he was alive, the current Power center at Delhi).

As usual he is surrounded by his PA, a man against whom corruption charges rage,his son, the CM in waiting and an ex Minister whose qualification is Mimicry.

The son picks up the phone dials, flicks on the Speaker mode,

As it rings, the patriarch’s, wife, one of many, crosses the room with a Tray containing Puja materials to the Temple adjacent to his house, to pray for the good news from Delhi( This temple opens and closes at this Man’s whims)

‘Hello, Madam, there, Doctor from Chennai wants to speak’ ( Doctorate obtained by forcing the University to grant him, when he was in power and in the function to confer him the doctorate,students have died agitating in Police firing).

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The Nobles of India.The Meeting

(This is the story of Modern India,run by People,who you will see in your Life.

This is Fiction, yet not Fiction.

The incidents, some are real .Interpretations are mine as you can have yours.

Names are changed and at places names of places are changed.)

Mankollai,Mylapore,Chennai, 1800 hours.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of mostly middle class area of Mylapore, is festooned with Party banners, Flex boards,buntings, autos blaring loudly with songs in praise of the leaders of TMP, Tamil Munnetra Peravai, (TMP)Tamils Development Congregation, till recently a part of the ruling coalition at Delhi, now sulking after having been forced out of Power at the Center.

The Meeting is to be addressed by the Party patriarch Sundara Linganar, aged 80.

The small fry had been allowed to speak and now the leader takes the Mike.

(The Leader has wide and rich experience in the art of communication and the science of keeping the people enthralled)

He ensures that he speaks last and does not tolerate anyone who can speak better before he does;if they do, they are cut off, literally)

“My Dear Brothers,who mean more to me than my blood,

You may wonder, why, at my Age, I have come here, with people supporting me with their shoulders to ferry me to the dais?

I would have come, nonetheless without their support,with the support of Tamil, whose cause I have been fighting from my ninth year from my village in deep South.

Me, A Sudra, has come to be loved by people, because of my dedication and my service to Tamil,for my declaring Tamil as the Classical language, which nobody thought of.

I have sacrificed my life many a times,

I laid my head on the Railway track(when I was sure no train shall pass then) to change its Name,

I gave up my life when Tamils were being massacred in Sri Lanka,, by going on an indefinite fast ,( from breakfast to noon), till the killing of the Tamils were stopped and Tamil Elam declared.

I gave toothpaste to school children.

I erected statues for everyone (who can assure me votes, dead or alive) in Public places.

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