5.PJP In conclave

PJP, the Principled Jokers Party is seemingly the alternative to the Ruling Party at the Center.

While the ruling party clings on one individuals’ tails in Ultimate surrender as Draupathi to Lord Krishna,the PJP is so Democratic, one does not know who the Leader is.

It is principled, no doubt, but is marred by it’s another Principle of not sure of its own Principles; would trumpet its Principles while in Opposition ,in Power will do exactly the opposite.

Its Economic Policy is the same as that of the ruling party.

It will follow the same economic and social reforms like its principal opposition, but when in power follow what it opposed blatantly.

It is controlled by a principled  group outside it, but this group, not familiar with Power Politics will do every thing in its power to ensure that the PJP does not come to power by its ill-timed decisions and backing the Right causes at  the wrong time and at the wrong place.

All with good intentions, of course.

The USP of PJP is that while the Opposition fights the election to win,this party will make sure it works over time to defeat a good leader, and in the process lose the election.

Its Party executive Meetings are hilarious and free for all , each slinging mud at another.

The Party always has ‘Think Tank‘ discussions’,never an ordinary Meetings.

The decisions arrived at will generally be attacked  more by every one in the Party, than the other parties.

The party has called for a Conclave,they always have exotic names for every one of their acts in Pune, Maharashtra.


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