Call From Delhi

The Cavalcade of the patriarch,Nine Cars in number( this man is a self-styled Rationalist,Atheist,wears a shawl, to appease the Planet, Jupiter,always does things in  the auspicious number of Guru(Jupiter),drops his Angavastram( a small towel on his shoulder before leaving Home and touches the ground while picking it up, symbolically prostrating before the Temple at the side of his house), wends its way to his Home in a posh locality of Chennai, where, as usual hangers-on throng, with two  Police sentries. who do not know how to use a Rifle stand guard.

Mera Bharat Mahan.
Mera Bharat Mahan.

He enters, with his entourage, to a Hall, where the Photo of his mother ,his mentor, who he stabbed in his back many a times in his back, his political arch rival, who is no more,whom he declared dead when he was alive, the current Power center at Delhi).

As usual he is surrounded by his PA, a man against whom corruption charges rage,his son, the CM in waiting and an ex Minister whose qualification is Mimicry.

The son picks up the phone dials, flicks on the Speaker mode,

As it rings, the patriarch’s, wife, one of many, crosses the room with a Tray containing Puja materials to the Temple adjacent to his house, to pray for the good news from Delhi( This temple opens and closes at this Man’s whims)

‘Hello, Madam, there, Doctor from Chennai wants to speak’ ( Doctorate obtained by forcing the University to grant him, when he was in power and in the function to confer him the doctorate,students have died agitating in Police firing).

‘Ek minute”

Hello Ji, Aap Kaise hai’ ( from  Delhi)


“Namaste, Good Morning'( the Patriarch can speak halting english and has working Knowledge of Hindi, tough he is an avowed enemy of Hindi and Sanskrit)

Brother will speak( He has this habit of calling every one Brother, including his son).

Yes, madam’

Everything Ok,

I am sending Basheer Ahmed by early morning flight there to discuss the arrangements for the Lok  Sabha elections .

Come to an arrangement and he is fully briefed’

Yes madam, how many?

He will talk to you, tell your Father to accommodate,

By the Way, how is your stepsister, Problems Nai Hai Na?

Convey my enquiries to your cousin and good Night’


What is this?

Why talk about your sister?

Is her bail safe?

Why mention Cousin?

I will go to the other house and call me when Bassher lands at Airport,you go receive him, and call the Delhi party’s our local State Leader to see me at 6am at the other house’

Has he cut any deal?


(This is the story of Modern India,run by People,who you will see in your Life.

This is Fiction, yet not Fiction.

The incidents, some are real .Interpretations are mine as you can have yours.

Names are changed and at places names of places are changed.)

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