3.The Bofors Lane

The ruling Party , as of now, is a monolith.

Bofors Information.
Bofors Information.

Curiously, it is a Party, born of Democratic principles, is being run by a Single,extra constitutional, non accountable person.

People say, it is run be remote.

No, it is run hands On, only difference the physical hands on different.

Secure in the knowledge that the potential leaders of Stature have been destroyed, puppets and sycophants without popular base having been installed,, the High Command( a misnomer,there is only One Command Center, why  talk about a High Command?) is audacious to pull anything and get away with it, including the Media.

A pre-election strategy session is in progress, with the Finance Minister, who listens only to his voice,Defence Minister, who does not know where China is on the Map,Home Minister, who can be guaranteed to shoot his foot in his mouth.two rabble-rousers in the Media, (one can talk endlessly, for he is a Lawyer, without a point and another expert at wild allegations on those who oppose the party and the High Command-often the High Command uses him to test their party’s reactions by asking him to make atrocious charges against their party men and on Policy Matter-used to test the waters and the high Command can also say that ‘the views expressed by him are his very own and the party has nothing to do it).

Undaunted by firm circumstantial evidence of wrongdoing and corruption, the HC is planning a strategy session.

In fact, it is a Plan of Blackmail, Bullying and carrots.

Inevitable roasted cashew nuts, Pakoras and tea are being served for the Assembled.

Sitting by the side is an effeminate Prime minister, who understands The Bhagavad Gita and Lord Krishna when Krishna said

‘Of Languages, I am Silence’ ( Chapter 10-Vibhuti Yoga)

Hc starts .

So He is leaving for Chennai.

Get 35 Lok Sabha seats and tell him he can have 110 seats for the Assembly election.

Puducherry one Lok Sabha for us.

The Emissary to Chennai,

‘ Madam, there is no election due for the Assembly now’

‘Don’t worry, we will arrange it, Our man in Guindy will see to it’

Turning to Finance Minister,

Tell the Home mInister to send an Internal Memo,to Home secretary, enquiring the progress  of  the Corruption case against the Governor on Chennai, mark a copy to the Governor Chennai and leak it to the Media, we have DTV which will do a nice job..

Also inform the old man at Chennai that we getting pressure from the Supreme Court and the Opposition to apply for the cancel the bail of his daughter and some mining irregularity by his Grandson..

Also drop by Puducherry, meet the present CM and ask him to merge his party after the elections, I will tell him to whom he should ally with once the dates are announced.

Turning to the Lawyer com rabble-rouser,

contact the Old Man’s nephew as if on your own for Dinner at my Home to-morrow night, make sure he is not at Chennai, when our Man is there discussing with his Great Uncle.


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