4.The Targets

HC Continues,

‘ Now that we have taken care of  Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with a total of 40 seats, let’s see what we can in the other States.

In UP, we have two bitter rivals fighting with each other.

The opposition is gunning for the Government in Lucknow.

Not that the Opposition is going to be soft on us.

We are nowhere in the picture now for quite a few years there.

Listen carefully.

To the Rabble Rouser,

‘ you ask your trusted people in UP , ask them to form two groups.

Each group must support one party, one the Opposition , another the the Government in UP.

Ask them to rake up Public cases of Corruption against the Ruling Party and the Taj Corridor Case in the case of the Opposition, among the other charges.

Make sure that the initial demand for reopening of cases come from the respective party against the other.

Your group should join later and put up a show of demonstrating against the Central Government for enquiry and a Delegation to come to Delhi to meet me and the President.

Remind them to drop at the PM’s Office.Turning to Basheer,

‘You open negotiations with both Parties simultaneously.

Ask for sixty out of eighty seats, settle for about seventy.

Then ask the groups in Andhra to join as rebels with two principal opposition Parties,one with the late CM‘s son and another with the separatists.

Promise them both what they want apart from Cabinet Berths.

Ask for 30 out of 41, settle for 28.

In Bihar. open negotiations with the present CM.

Tell him we keep the PM’s options open as we may get only a Coalition,we will form the Government with him as the PM candidate.

But for political reasons, we may not make this Public, either now or during the Election Campaign.

Negotiate and finalize for 28  seats.

In Karnataka, settle an alliance with parties to whom we can give 10 seats.

Those who ask for more inform them we will provide more seats in the State Elections.

That’s 174 seats.

We need about 280 to form Government on our own.

So 106 more seats are needed.

In Gujarat, no alliance,it will be a straight fight.

No Alliance.

I will tell you later how to handle him.

I will make arrangement for these 106 seats myself.

Now make sure that information is leaked to the Media that we are going to face the Elections on our own and through another source, preferably by a civil Servant that all pending Corruption Charges/case are being reopened , ask the CI Director to see me to-morrow at 7am.




  • 3.The Bofors Lane (ramanan50.wordpress.com)
  • The Taj Heritage Corridor case is an alleged scam wherein 2002–2003, the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati and a minister in her government, Nasimuddin Siddiqui, were charged with corruption. The Taj Corridor project was intended to upgrade tourist facilities near the Taj Mahal and was to be implemented during her tenure as Chief Minister. The then BJP government at the Centre gave the Environmental Clearance required for the project near Taj Mahal. However, later on the BJP backed out and then started saying that the project was not cleared by the Environment Ministry and blamed Mayawati for starting construction work near the Taj Mahal.[1]..
  • It has been alleged that Mayawati embezzled the money dedicated for this project. The case is currently under investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation. Initially, the case saw some rapid progress, when CBI conducted extensive searches on her various addresses, and claimed that though she had claimed income of only Rs. 1.1 crores during her tenure as CM, her bank balance in a single bank went up to 2.5 crore and total assets held by her were estimated at Rs.15 crore. At one point a warrant was expected for her arrest, but she was granted a stay.[2][3]
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taj_corridor_case

The Central Bureau of Investigation seems finally ready to give a reprieve to Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav and his chief minister sonAkhilesh Yadav in the disproportionate assets case after the monsoon session of Parliament.

According to sources, the agency is likely to file a report in the Supreme Court informing that it has not found any evidence in the DA probe against the Yadavs. The court, sources said, would be informed about the closure after Parliament’s monsoon session concludes on September 6.


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