Three Gentlemen Or Three Idiots Of Dadri ?

And if you are a tinsel God, your word is the Bible, even if you have not touched the shadows of an educational institution. You can air your views that were a part of bed room talk between a husband and wife. I have ceased writing on these issues for quite some time as they are trivial , it seemed to me. But the recent non sensical discussion on Intolerance in India make me write for leaving these gentlemen's statements uncontested makes them bolder and as Goebbels dictum goes, the more audacious the lie, more likely that it will be believed. I read article in the Tamizhaka Arasiyal , a Tamil Political bi monthly from Chennai which answers most of the issues raised by Amir Khan on intolerance in India.

How Indian History Was Distorted, The First History Of India

And who wrote this First Indian History ? It was by James Mill who wrote the First Book, 'History of British India' in 1806... The book begins with a preface in which Mill tries to make a virtue of having never visited India and of knowing none of its native languages. To him, these are guarantees of his objectivity, and he boldly claims – A duly qualified man can obtain more knowledge of India in one year in his closet in England than he could obtain during the course of the longest life, by the use of his eyes and ears in India.

Which History Is Distorted Indian History ?

Lord Rama , whose existence is proved by astronomical dating, archeology,your own white skinned people,and by Indian Literature in many languages? Or The Bible which was composed by Constantine to suit a Political need, Jesus whose real name is not known till today? That Krishna's Dwaraka is found, his date is established,.. That Nehru delayed the dispatch of troops to Kashmir to repel Pakistani intruders, That a certain gentleman of great fame was born in a Brothel , his father ran one, And another was a Homo sexual, That Hyder Ali and Tippu Sulthan destroyed temples, That Shah Jehan Built the Taj Mahal on a Shiva temple, He imprisoned his father,

End Of Dravidian Parties In Tamil Nadu?

Sympathy vote might work in her favor. But she will be out of Politics at least between 5 to nine years, Whether she would be able to control the party till then is a moot question. The next in the line for power is DMK, which has been wiped out in the recently conclude election because of 2G. People are not in favour of DMK and Karunanidhi and CO with corruption cases and family insights. There is a power vacuum now in Tamil Nadu.

Narendra Modi Nostradamus ‘India To Be Bharat’ Spoof

What was non-acceptable today will become politically correct tomorrow and Hindus will rule themselves again and reestablish Dharma in India. “Scienta, garnutas, conscienta va do incedo totus el mundus rulus est, paxus, harmonius est.” And the knowledge which was preserved in India for millenniums will spread in the world and bring peace, happiness and Harmony to All”. Though much depends on the interpretation of the Latin Text, what distinguishes this prophecy is that it has been published nearly one year before the elections, normally these type of predictions are made after the incident. One thing struck me as original. "But the curse of the Hindus will always be disunity and they will betray each other to the enemy again and again' Consolation. narendra Modi's Fist name is that of Swami Vivekananda!