The Nobles of India.The Meeting

(This is the story of Modern India,run by People,who you will see in your Life.

This is Fiction, yet not Fiction.

The incidents, some are real .Interpretations are mine as you can have yours.

Names are changed and at places names of places are changed.)

Mankollai,Mylapore,Chennai, 2200 hours.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of mostly middle class area of Mylapore, is festooned with Party banners, Flex boards,buntings, autos blaring loudly with songs in praise of the leaders of TMP, Tamil Munnetra Peravai,  (TMP)Tamils Development Congregation, till recently a part of the ruling coalition at Delhi, now sulking after having been forced out of Power at the Center.

The Meeting is to be addressed by the Party patriarch Sundara Linganar, aged 80.

The small fry had been  allowed to speak and now the leader takes the Mike.

(The Leader has wide and rich experience in the art of communication and the science of keeping the people enthralled)

He ensures that he speaks last and does not tolerate anyone who can speak better before he does;if they do, they are cut off, literally)

“My Dear Brothers,who mean more to me than my blood,

You may wonder, why, at my Age, I have come here, with people supporting me with their shoulders  to ferry me to the dais?

I would have come, nonetheless without their support,with the support of Tamil, whose cause I have been fighting from my ninth year from my village in deep South.

Me, A Sudra, has come to be loved by people, because of my dedication and my service to Tamil,for my declaring Tamil as the Classical language, which nobody thought of.

I have sacrificed my life many a times,

I laid my head on the Railway track(when I was sure no train shall pass then) to change its Name,

I gave up my life when Tamils were being massacred in Sri Lanka,, by going on an indefinite fast ,( from breakfast to noon), till the killing of the Tamils were stopped and Tamil Elam declared.

I gave toothpaste to school children.

I erected statues for everyone (who can assure me votes, dead or alive) in Public places.

I fought for separate TamilNadu and State autonomy.

Delhi was run from Chennai(cheers from the crowd)

Now the Parliament is debating the Food Security Bill.

We do not support the Bill but support the attempt in Passing the bill.

But if Delhi were to adopt our amendments in the Bill we will welcome it.

But the Delhi queen would not do it.

The Aryans of the North, the Brahmin  Business Lobby  and Brahmin Media will not allow her.

Let me warn Delhi,

If the Bill is passed without our amendments, Blood will flow in TamilNadu.

(The assistant hands over a chit which states that the Food Security Bill is passed without the suggested Amendments)

Speech resumes…

As I was saying Delhi will not dare touch us and play with our sentiments.

I just received a note that the parliament has passed the Bill with Amendments.

Your voice has been heard.

This is the victory of the party and the people of TamilNadu.

Your Party will be celebrating this momentous event, victory over the Aryans and the North Indians  Mount Road Maha Vishnu and Kulluka Bhattars for a period of one month.

Donate liberally to your party to fight your cause and enroll your subscriptions to our party Daily.

Long Live our Deceased Leader’

Thunderous applause.

The patriarch’s son, and CM and party Chief in waiting whispers to his Father,

‘Urgent Call from Delhi,Madam wants to speak to you urgently”

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