Single Letter Poem Kandhar Andhadhi Thithithathai Arunagirinathar

The following poem uses only one letter!

The consonant ‘Tha’

திதத்தத்தத் தித்தத் திதிதாதை தாததுத் தித்தத்திதா
திதத்தத்தத் தித்த திதித்தித்த தேதுத்து தித்திதத்தா

Tamil As Personification of Subrahmanya, Murugan,Skanda

Subrahmanya with Six faces

Tamil has these broad divisions -3.


Isai,Music and


Each of these has a different Form and Grammar.

Tamil letters are divided into three groups,Vallinam,Idayinam and Mellinam and these determine the pronunciation in Tamil. Three.

க ச ட த ப ற -வல்லினம்.Hard sound

ங ஞ ண ந ம ன-இடையினம்.Medium

ய ர ல வ ழ ள-மெல்லினம்.Soft.

Tamil has Uyir Ezhuthukkal,Base Alphabets-12.

Brahui Language Balochisthan Dravidian ,Dravida Invasion of India?

When one studies the Dravidian literature in conjunction with Sanatana Dharma,one may uncover shocking facts.

Looks as though the Dravidian culture preceded Sanatana Dharma.

But this theory goes out of the window because Tamil literature quotes Vedas,Puranas,Ramayana and Mahabharatha and these texts quote Tamil/s!

One is stumped.

Add to this the excavation of a million year old site in Chennai,where traces of advanced Tamil civilization is found.

Poompuhar sites push the date of Tamils by 30,000 years.

More sites,numbering 293 in Vaigai River near Madurai confirm the antiquity as found in the other sites mentioned above.

My view on Brahui being present in Balochisthan is due to the presence of Tamils in these areas when kings from Tamil Nadu invaded them.

There are three kings who have been credited with invading North,not to speak about those who had friendly relations with the people of Sanatana Dharma.

They are,


Ariyappadaikadantha Nedunchezhiyan

Imayavaramban Neduncheralaathaan.

I am researching on who the first Tamil king ,who invaded The North of India.

I am reproducing some theories,one of which suggests Dravidian Invasion of India.

Shall examine this theory as well later.

Early Sanskrit Grammar Before Panini By Agastya? Tholkaapiyar

Maamuni Maayon.Lord Shiva?

And as Tholkappiyar’s Guru was a Scholar of Vedas,which is in Sanskrit, is it that Aindhiram is a Sanskrit Work?

Agastya could not have written Aindhiram in Tamil as the First Tamil Grammar Agathiyam was by Agastya,which has been lost?

Why write two books on the same subject?

Or ,as Agastya is a schloar in both Tamil and Sanskrit,Aindhiram could be in Tamil?