Single Letter Poem Kandhar Andhadhi Thithithathai Arunagirinathar

If one researches Tamil and Sanskrit,one would be amazed at the richness of the antiquity of these languages.

I have been trying to trace their antiquity for the past nine years ,but in vain.

For sure,

Both are

Quite ancient,

Each quote the other,

Tamil Brahmi is dated 500 BC ,based on Samanamalai, Adichanallur inscription.

But my view is Tamil is at least over 11,000 Years old.

This is based on the excavated site Poompuhar Port of Chera Kings.

This town is now near Mayiladuthurai,Tamil Nadu.

There is an advanced Tamil site near Chennai,a million year old.

Among some unique features of Tamil language is that,

Tamil’s standard metalinguisticterminology and scholarly vocabulary is itself Tamil, as opposed to the Sanskrit that is standard for most Aryan languages

Will be writing more on these lines.

Such an ancient language quotes Sanskrit and it refers to Tamil/Tamils.

There are literary gems in all languages found in India.

Most of the Indian languages date back to over five thousand years.

There are unique literary compositions in all Indian languages.

I have written on some masterpieces in Sanskrit, including the one which forms a circle.

A sloka in praise of Krishna is a code for the value of Pi.

There are compositions in some Indian languages which use consonants only for Ramayana.

I am now quoting a Tamil gem.

This was composed by Saint Arunagirinathar while he was engaged in a literary duel with Villiputooraar,a great scholar,who wrote Mahabharata in Tamil

The following poem uses only one letter!

The consonant ‘Tha’

The poem belongs to Adhadi genre,where the last word or letter forms the first letter of the succeeding word.

திதத்தத்தத் தித்தத் திதிதாதை தாததுத் தித்தத்திதா
திதத்தத்தத் தித்த திதித்தித்த தேதுத்து தித்திதத்தா
திதத்தத்தத் தித்தத்தை தாததி தேதுதை தாததத்து
திதத்தத்தத் தித்தித்தி தீதீ திதிதுதி தீதொத்ததே”

Kandhar Andhadhi,54 Poem.

Text in English.

Thithatthathath Thithath Thithithathai

Thaathuthuth Thithithathai

Thithatthathath Thithath Thithithathai
Thethuth Thithi Thattha
Thithatthathath Thithatathai Thaathathi

Thethuthai Thaathathi
Thithaththuthath Thithithi Theethithithuthi Theethothathe’


திதி – திருநடனத்தால் காக்கின்ற
தாதை – பரமசிவனும்

Thithi-Lord Shiva who dances eternally,The Father
தாத – பிரமனும்

துத்தி – படப்பொறியினையுடையதத்தி – பாம்பினுடைய

Thuththi,- King Cobra,which has Mark in its hood
தா – இடத்தையும்

Thaa-resting place
தித – நிலைபெற்று

Thitha-The permanent,
தத்து – ததும்புகின்ற,

அத்தி – சமுத்திரத்தையும்

ததி – தயிரானது

தித்தித்ததே – தித்திக்கின்றதென்று

Thithithathe Sweet
து – உண்ட கண்ணனும்

Thu,- the one who partook
துதித்து – துதி செய்து


இதத்து – பேரின்ப சொரூபியான

Ithathu-One who is the embodiment of Bliss
ஆதி – முதல்வனே!

Aadhi-The One who is the first cause,
தத்தத்து – தந்தத்தையுடைய

Thathathu,- with Tusks
அத்தி – அயிராவதம் என்னும்

யானையால் வளர்க்கப்பட்ட

Athi-Brought up by Airawatha,the elephant of Indra,
தத்தை – கிளி போன்ற

Thathai-like a parrot Deivayanai’s consort of Murugan, daughter of Indra,

தாத – தொண்டனே!

தீதே – தீமையே

துதை – நெருங்கிய

தாது – சப்த தாதுக்களால்


Thaathu- made of Elements
அதத்து – மரணத்தோடும்

Athathu- against death
உதி – ஜனனத்தோடும்

தத்தும் – பல தத்துக்களோடும்

Thathum-with minerals
அத்து – இசைவுற்றதுமான

Athu-that does not move
அத்தி – எலும்புகளை மூடிய

Athu-that which covers Bones,
தித்தி – பையாகிய இவ்வுடல்

Thithi-this body,
தீ – அக்கினியினால்

Theee- (by ) Fire
தீ – தகிக்கப்படுகின்ற

Thee- That fire
திதி – அந்நாளிலே

Thithi- on the day
துதி – உன்னைத் துதிக்கும்

Thuthi-praying you
தீ – புத்தி

Thee- my discrimination
தொத்தது – உனக்கே


Thothathu- Should be your slave,your Devotee..

When my body,which is an empty bag filled with air;bones of which are covered by minerals,

Is being consigned to Flame,

My Thoughts should be with you,Muruga,


Father,who sustains the world by His dance(Siva)

Brahma, the Manifestor,

Vishnu,who lies in the ocean,with the Ananta,, The serpent,The sustainer,

Uncle Krishna,who loves Butter,curds,

Your wife Devayani, daughter of Indra and brought up by Airawatha,Indra’s 🐘

All these worship you.

May mind rest in Thee at the time of my death.

Thanks to,

திரு.வாஞ்சீஸ்வரன் கோபால் (

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5 responses to “Single Letter Poem Kandhar Andhadhi Thithithathai Arunagirinathar”

  1. Villiputhur Alwar was also a great scholar. He was recognized as a poet in the court of King Varapathi Atkondan. But Alwar was too proud of his accomplishments. He used to establish himself as an accredited poet and challenge all. When he came to Tiruvannamalai and heard about the glory of Arunagirinathar, he challenged Arunagirinathar also for a trial of talent. It was agreed that each one would explain the composition of the other and the one who failed should agree to have his ear cut. While Arunagirinathar correctly explained Alwar’s composition, Alwar failed to interpret this 54th verse of Kandar Andhati. Arunagirinathar then explained the meaning and Alwar conceded defeat. However, Arunagirinathar refrained from imposing the penalty. This act of kindness earned Arunagiri another title: “Karunaikku Arunagiri” (Arunagiri for compassion). The other title he has received as “Vakkukku Arunagiri” (Arunagiri for Letters). (Quoted from my book, ‘Thiruppugazh, Glory to Lord Muruga”.


  2. In a similar vein if the nīrōṭṭaka yamaka antāti of Shivprakasha Swamigal, written without labial consonants (p,m,v) or rounded vowels (o,u). His Tamil teacher, Velliyambala Tambiran of Dharmapura Athinam Math, sent him to challenge an arrogant rival pandit in Tircendur. The two met and agreed a challenge that each would write a ,nīrōṭṭaka yamaka antāti on Centil Nathar, Murgan in Tirucendur. Shivaprakasha completed thirty verses with a venba kaapu before his rival could complete a single one and won the contest. An sample verse with Tamil translation can be found at (Sorry about the Unicode.)



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