Bala Tripura Sundari Moola Shodasi Panchadasi Mahashodasi Mantras Text

Though I have written fairly a good number of articles on Devi,Her description,Her Temples, Sakthi peetas,Avarana Mantra,Her festivals,Shodasa Upasana,Lalitha Devi principle,systems of Devi Worship,I never got around to sharing the most important Mantra of Devi.

Reason is that I could not get a reliable source.

Secondly, I did not feel the urge to write on this,though many of my readers have been asking me to write on this.

As my regular readers know I write only when I feel the urge and the subject matter should reach me and most importantly ,I should be able to understand it.

I left it to Her.

I am not a very learned or am I a good writer.

It is nearly over a year and a half since I wrote on Devi.

I am providing the Mantra of Bala,in some different forms.

More to follow on the combinations of Her Aksharas.

I stress that these Mantras are to be initiated by A Guru in person and these are not to be attempted without Initiation.

I am sharing this from an academic point of view to ensure that these treasures are not lost to us.

For those who do not have a Guru and are seekers,

Do not worry.

If your passion and dedication is there a Guru will reach you.

And He will not charge for this.

To hasten the process of getting a Guru,Pray Lord Subrahmanya,He shall do the rest.

The Bala Mantra.

Balasundari Mantra:

aiṁ klīṁ sauḥ

Panchadashi mantra:

ka e ī la hrīṁ ha sa ka ha la hrīṁ sa ka la hrīṁ

Shodashi mantra:

ka e ī la hrīṁ ha sa ka ha la hrīṁ sa ka la hrīṁ śrīṁ

Mahashodashi mantra:

śrīṁ hrīṁ klīṁ aiṁ sauḥ oṁ hrīṁ śrīṁ ka e ī la hrīṁ ha sa ka ha la hrīṁ sa ka la hrīṁ sauḥ aiṁ klīṁ hrī.

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