Chandragupta Maurya 1500BC Megasthanes Chandragupta 302 BC William Jones Fraud

Kings list of India from Mahabharata time.

Chandragupt Maurya was not ambitious of conquering the other states of India and he did not receive foreign ambassadors because there were only trade relations of India with the foreign countries in those days (1500’s BC) not political relations. So his kingdom was much smaller as compared to the kingdom of Chandragupt Vijayaditya of Gupt dynasty.

Chandragupt Vijayaditya, who was the son of Ghatotkach Gupt of Shreegupt Family, was made the

First Pandya King During Ramayana Expert Horse rider Vadimbalambaninra Pandyan 5100 BC ?

In the Pandya lineage ,the four Pandyas  who ruled before, Sarangadwaja PandyaI have been able to trace, are Vadivalambaninra Pandyan,Palyaagasalai Mudhukudumipperuvazhthi, Nilanthiruvir Pandyan and Perumpeyar Vazhuthi

Four Pandya Kings Of Ramayana Names Date

Chola Muchukunda was an ancestor of Rama.We have references to Chera and Pandyas in Ramayana.We shall now attempt to trace the Pandya Kings who were present before Mahabharata , because we have traced Tamil Kings after the Kurukshetra battle of Mahabharata

Ancient Tamil Medicine Manuscripts Institute of Asian Studies Chennai

Ancient Tamil texts dealing with Medicine,herbs, preparation of special medicines, chanting to be done while preparing medicines, rare diseases and their treatment are housed at The Institute of Asian Studies,Chennai.Thesr documents are preserved in the Memory of the World Register in 1997.

Madurai Meenakshi Sarangadwaja Her Father Date 5100 CE ?

So ,as Malayadwaja Pandya alias Sarangadwaja Pandya had taken part in the Kurukshetra War of Mahabharata, then his and his daughter Meenakshi’s date may be assigned at 5100 CE.