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Child Soldiers Of India

Child soldier ,India.jpg

The recruitment and use of children, as young as 6 years of age, by Maoist armed groups in India, also known as Naxalites, continued in 2013. Although no disaggregated data on the number of children associated with armed groups in India was available to the United Nations, independent estimates indicate that at least 2,500 children are associated with armed groups in Naxal-affected areas. Notably, Naxalite recruitment also continued to affect girls and women. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, boys and girls between 6 and 12 years of age were recruited into specific childr…[+]”
India Denies that there are child soldiers!

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Where Are These Muslims?

Siddique was nowhere to be found.

While we were preparing the body for funeral.

He came, inebriated, crying , demanding that he be allowed to carry my father’s body to the cremation ground.

The priests objected to this, him being a Muslim.

My eldest brother said that Siddique was more attached to our father than us and my father reciprocated that.

Siddique carried the body.

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A Look At Self Photo Essay

A woman took photographs of herself and made them Public.

If we can see ourselves (not in the Mirror, though, when alone), as others see us, then most of our impressions, especially vanity will vanish.

I am sure I would not accept Me as I am as such!
Glad that there is no Technology as yet to reproduce Images with our feelings and Thoughts!Story and Photos.

Like a million other college students on spring break, Jen Davis took a picture of herself and her friends while they were hanging out on a beach.

When she returned to school and developed the film, the results caught her off guard.

The image of Davis, titled Pressure Point, shows her larger, covered body seated on a towel while her thinner friends around her wear bikinis.

“I wanted to make a picture to see what that felt like,” Davis said about the moment on the beach. “I was shocked by the ability I had to kind of freeze that moment, to take a mundane but painful moment that was able to be described in the image.”

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