Corona Virus Lockdown and Children

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About a month ago,when Corona virus lockdown was in force, I had a call from one of my readers from US asking me whether I was safe and more specifically whether I was able to be normal and without depression as the Lockdown was in force.

I replied him that I was safe and that I have been doing now what I have been doing for the past twelve years,that is doing nothing and keeping myself mostly at home!

Now there is a scare about Corona virus and the extended lockdown,now going to phase 5.More than the fear of physical harm,people are being scared out of their wits by self styled specialists that people would become depressed under lockdown and one should consult a psychiatrist.

The scare is such that even children are affected by the deluge of information.

My grandchildren are so caught up that they have made a video on this and though sounds funny,disturbed me on the fear felt by children.

What they forget is that the Psychiatrist is also at Home under lockdown.

Without attempting to diminish the seriousness of the threat of Corona virus,let me say that there is a disproportionate sense of fear and anxiety among the people.No doubt,Corona virus is dangerous and might infect people.

What are its effects?

People develop fever,have dry cough and at times no symptoms at all.

Once infected one tends to develop breathing difficulties which might develop into pneumonia.

The treatment is Paracetamol to control fever ,cough syrup to control cought,antibiotics if needed,(mostly they are avoided for fear of increasing infection),Keeping one hydrated and if pneumonia is detected treatment is done for pneumonia.In addition, adequate rest is provided under strict hygiene.

Nothing more.

The bottom line is you might develop serious breathing trouble under extreme cases,which is quite unlikely.

You can be treated for this.

Hence , disproportionate fear is irrational and it is enough if we follow basic hygiene,like washing hands and feet when we return home,avoid sneezing without cupping our mouth while sneezing,not spitting in public and abound touching and jostling in public.

This should take care of you.

One can not remain isolated for long

One has a life to lead,bills to be paid, families to run.

This,one should remember.

One has to exercise caution while moving about,follow basic hygiene and civic sense.

This would help in containing Corona virus infection.

Coronavirus and COVID-19: What You Should Know

6 responses to “Corona Virus Lockdown and Children”

  1. There are no problems which defy solution and Corona problem can also be solved by creating a resistance power within, by maintaining social distancing, by keeping our hands clean, by wearing mask, by driving out the fear from the mind and above all by having trust in God.


    • Aged people like you and me we have better immune system, generally, and have gone through the life and even the death we can gracefully handle. Certainly we have to take enough precautions. But what about our younger generation. For no reason they might be caught by this Corrona and mostly they are less immune than the old generation!……


  2. Bio-terrorism is purely a media hoax. The role of germ agents is less. The smartphone apps like TikTok has created disproportionate sense of fear and anxiety among younger generation. Fever is natural and it has to be healed by taking rest, taking plenty of fluids etc. The ban on TikTok is a good decision. If India had banned TikTok a year ago then Corona Virus would not have encroached here. The Corona hoax started with fake TikTok videos from China of people dropping dead in the streets, that never happened anywhere. The Globalist owned media kept up the lies, and the liberal politicians forbade the use of Hydroxy chloroquine. The facts are endless of all the collusion of this fake pandemic, that is less lethal than the common flu. Also read the blog for more info


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