Women Pandya Kingdom Madurai Meenakshi? Pliny Greek Historian

Information relating to Indian history,often dismissed as Myths,gain acceptance of they are furnished by Western sources. Such information is quoted by me so that people might understand that Indian history is not a myth ,but fact as described in Puranas, Ithihasas Ramayana and Mahabharata and Tamil Classics like Sangam literature.

Information found in Hindu temples are also a source of information as the Sthala Puranas. One can find Epigraphs in Temples which describe the date of construction of the temple,who built it,what grants were allotted bt the kings,details of festivals,family tree of the Kings…Sthalapurana is the history of the place where the temple is,reason for the name of the town/village,the background of the Deities in the temples. During my research of Ramayana and Mahabharata,I have found the Sthala Puranas not contradicting these Ithihasas in anyway,though ,at the first instance the Sthala Puranas might seem to be incredible. If one studies the Ithihasas and the so called Legends,one would no contradiction.

There are two such instances that I am presenting here.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu is reported to have been the home of Tamils from antiquity.Tamil Poets’ Conclave(Tamil Sangam) was held here , according to Tamil Sangam Classics.Madurai was where the Third Tamil Sangam was held,the first at Thenmadurai,the second at Kaparapuram and the Third at Madurai. Madurai is associated with Tamil ,Siva,Murugan,Vishnu as Azhagar and of course Devi Meenakshi, incarnation of Parvati.

Her spouse was none other than Lord Shiva Himself.Her father Sarangadwaja,aka Malayathdwaja Pandian participated in the Mahabharata war,on the side of Pandavas. I have written on this with reference from Mahabharata.

Meenakshi ruled Pandya Kingdom from Madurai. The kingdom was run by women.There is a saying in Tamil about who decides in a family’. It is customary to ask whether your home is Chidambaram or Madurai. Chidambaram is where Lord Nataraja rules,while Madurai by Meenakshi.It is also recorded that the Madurai Kingdom was run so well it was nearly a Republic!

Greek Historian Pliny mentions tha Madurai was ruled by Pandya and the Kingdom was A Republic run by Women.

Mahavamsa refers to this fact and it dates the period between 43 and 29 BC.

There is another women ruler of Madurai,casked Allirani. She was married to Arjuna of Mahabharata and haf a son Babruvahana.She also ran Madurai as a Women Kingdom.She was an Amazonian Queen.Allirani is reported to have ruled from Madurai according Tamil Classics. But,Sri Lankan records show she ruled from Kudiraimalai,Gulf of Mannar.This is also recorded on some Tamil Texts and by Greek writers.

The issue here is the location,Madurai or Kudiraimalai.I am searching for clinching evidence.

But what about the reference of women Pandya Kingdom ?

Pliny refers whom?

Is it Meenakshi or Allirani,?

Reference and citation. https://books.google.co.in/books?id=egY9AAAAIAAJ&lpg=PA181&dq=pliny%20pandya%20women&pg=PA181&output=embed


3 responses to “Women Pandya Kingdom Madurai Meenakshi? Pliny Greek Historian”

  1. Nice work

    Have you ever tried to find or is there any information about connection between the three most ancient civilization, as per the best of my knowledge, i.e Mesapotemium/Suemeru, Egypt & Indus??


    • Yes. O have written on each of these. Kindly Google Mespotamia +ramanan50 and similarly for other terms +ramanan50 for more information. Regards.


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