Ravana Signed Peace Treaty With Tamil Pandya King


There is also evidence to suggest that Valmiki knew Tamil and wrote Tamil Vanmikakovai.

Post on Was Valmiki a Tamil,follows.

The Ramayana speaks of Ravana as a Rakshasa.

He is also described as Asura, meaning a man of immense Strength and Valor.

The Rakshasas, according to Puranas, lived down south, an allegory that they lived south of the Vindhyas.

There are references to Kumari Kandam, a Super Continent, of which Lanka formed a part.

The three kings of South India had close contacts with the kings of Lanka.

To such an antiquity that Ravana, who was engaged in stirring trouble in the Pandya Kingdom.

He was reported to have been checked by a Pandya King and Ravana sued for Peace.

Tamil Nadu Was Not The Whole Tamil Kingdom Sakat Dvipa

While people give much credence to the names of kings mentioned in Tamil Sangam literature, the same attention has not been paid to the geographical description found therein.

Lets us take the description of the Five Divisions of Land according to Tholkappiyama nd other Grammatical works.


The land mass here the Tamils lived as divided and named into Five distinct geographical entities.

1.Kurinji-Hilly Terrain.



4.Neydal-Seashore and

5.Palai-Desert Region.

One can n find these five regions is the present Tamil Nadu as it is to-day.

The present conception of Lemuria or Kumari Kandam might explain this phenomena.

Independent Tamil Culture Myth

The Myth of an independent,secular(?) Dravidian Culture has been and is propagated.   Let us see whether the Statement that the Dravidian, more specifically the Tamil Culture was/is independent of Sanatana Dharma, on the basis of historical and archaeological evidence.   1.Tamil quotes Vedas right from the Sangam Age.   2.Vedas and Sanskrit quote Tamil…… Continue reading Independent Tamil Culture Myth

Pandyas Tamil Kings Lemuria Continent In Mahabharata

And, He having arrived at the sea-shore, then dispatched with great assurance messengers unto the illustrious Vibhishana, the grandson of Pulastya and the ruler of Lanka (2:30).

Vasudeva Krishna slew king Pandya by striking his breast against his, and moved down the Kalingas in battle (5:48). The Cholas and the Pandyas were mentioned as vanquished by Krishna at (7:11).

The mighty Sarangadhwaja, the king of the Pandyas, has white steeds, decked with armour set with stones of lapis lazuli.

His country was invaded and his father was slain by Krishna in battle. Obtaining weapons then from Bhishma and Drona, Bala Rama and Kripa, prince Sarangadhwaja became, in weapons, the equal of Rukmi and Karna and Arjuna and Achyuta.

He then desired to destroy the city of Dwaraka and subjugate the whole world.