Ravana Signed Peace Treaty With Tamil Pandya King

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Two ancient languages of India, Sanskrit and Tamil talk of The Ramayana and Mahabharata.


Sanskrit and Tamil quote each other that it well-nigh impossible to know which is earlier.


The Stargate of Ravana
Ravana’s Stargate


Ramayana was written by Valmiki in Sanskrit and was extensively quoted by ancient Tamil Literature, some as old as five thousand years.


There is also evidence to suggest that Valmiki knew Tamil and wrote Tamil Vanmikakovai.


Post on Was Valmiki a Tamil?, follows.


The Ramayana speaks of Ravana as a Rakshasa.


He is also described as Asura, meaning a man of immense Strength and Valor.


The Rakshasas, according to Puranas, lived down south, an allegory that they lived south of the Vindhyas.


There are references to Kumari Kandam, a Super Continent, of which Lanka formed a part.


The three kings of South India had close contacts with the kings of Lanka.


To such an antiquity that Ravana, who was engaged in stirring trouble in the Pandya Kingdom.


He was reported to have been checked by a Pandya King and Ravana sued for Peace.


This has been found in the Chinnamanur inscriptions, Tamil Nadu.


“The Sanskrit portion of the bigger Sinnamanur plates begins with a fragmentary verse in which the king (perhaps Pandya) boasts of having subdued the ocean — an attribute which the mythical Pandya kings generally assumed in consequence, perhaps, of their sea-bordering kingdom, their naval power, and their sea-borne trade, from the earliest historical times. From him were descended the kings known as Pandyas (v. 2) ‘who engraved their edicts on the Himalaya mountain’ and whose family-priest was the sage Agastya (v. 3). One of the Pandya kings is said to have occupied the throne of Indra (v. 4) and another to have shared it with that god, and still another, to have caused the Ten-Headed (i.e., Ravana of Lanka) to sue for peace (v. 5). One was a conqueror of the epic hero Arjuna       Verse 8 refers to a king who cut off his own head in order to protect that of his master and also to a certain Sundara-Pandya who had mastered all the sciences. Many kings of this family had performed Vedic sacrifices Rajasuya and Asvamedha (v. 9).”


“Pathupattu in Tamil (Ten long poems) has ten books and one of them is Maduraikanchi. This very long poem has a reference to Ravana (lines 40-42).”

* I am unable to vouch this as these lines do not see to refer Ravana.

“தொள் முது கடவுள் பின்னர் மேய,
வரைத் தாழ் அருவிப் பொருப்பின் பொருந!”


The above is from Madurai Kanchi,a Sangam Literary work, there seems to be no reference to Ravana here.


Comments welcome.


There are references by Nachinarkiniyar, a Tamil Commentator of the Sanga Era on Agsthya and Ravana.


And there is a reference by Kalidasa in Raghuvamsa.


(This raises the question about Kalidasa’a Date)


““Pandya wore pearl garlands and sandal paste. He was soaked in Avabrutha Snanam during Asvamedha yajna. Ravana was so scared that Pandya may attack and capture his Janasthana (in Dandakaranya), so he made a peace treaty with the Pandya king and then went to win Indraloka. Pandya was praised for receiving a weapon (Brahmsiras) from Lord Shiva.







7 responses to “Ravana Signed Peace Treaty With Tamil Pandya King”

  1. Sir
    I’m continuously reading your posts. One of my doubt is
    Presuming kumari kandam is such a big continent and lanka is a part, then during the war of Ramayana
    Is there any traces that pandiya (or any Tamil king) did/didn’t participated in war. BCOZ rama took help of vanarays not the support of Tamil kings.


    • A logical question.In fact iahve just been reading that the first Brahmins were called Maga Brahmins and they were living in south India and later Pandyas followed them.The land , then was called Saka Dweepa. Am pursuing the issue.I am sure I will find an answer to your query.In case I do not write on this in a week, kindly remind me.Regds


      • Dear Shri Ramanan, kindly let me know whether you have written any post on your comment above. Also I have question. It seems that you are quoting source mostly from wiki and other foreign sources so it right to trust them? is it not that they would be writing fake stories to fool us and divide us. Kindly highlight. Thank you.


      • The reason I quote wiki is that it is an open source and provides both sides of the coin. At the same time I provide references from indian texts and research papers and archeology.


  2. It is highly unlikely, because, ravan belonged to different race, and pandya to another.

    As far as I know, ravan never interacted with any of the australoid/vedda people. He is more or less an indo-european by origin.

    The name ravan, itself is a bit of conundrum. Who this person was, whose sanskrit name was labelled as ravan, and his slayer ram? Because, ravan definitely did not speak sanskrit, but a nordic language.


  3. […] 5. The Pandya kingdom of the Ramayana period is referred to more number of times in Valmiki’s Ramayana. King Dasaratha invites kings from different states including the Pandya and Chola Desa for the coronation of Prince Rama. Again King Sugreeva gives detailed description of the kingdoms of the south to his ministers when he gives them direction to organize the search for Sri Seetha. The date of the first Tamil Sangham is therefore the same period as the great epic of Ramayana. Kalidasa‘s Raghuvamsha, an epic poem about Rama‘s dynasty, states that Ravana signed a peace treaty with a Pandya king. In parallel to this, Thiruvilayadal puranam of Tamils mentions about the Pandyan King, Anadha Guna Pandyan who signed a peace treaty with Ravana. (Ref. Ravana Signed Peace Treaty With Tamil Pandya King) […]


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