Vishnu teaches Mandhata

Ravana Parashuram Lived 340000 Years Before Sri Rama

Mandhata. He was the Seventeenth King in the Lineage of Solar Dynasty. Sri Rama was the Fifty first in that Line.Mandhatha and Sri Rama were separated by eighteen Kings

Ravana History by Brahmin Somachandra Odisha in Gold

He was called Ravana Buddha, Buddha denoting Enlightened one.

He wrote Shiva Tandava Stotra, treatises on Astrology and Ayurvedateachers veda.

He is reported to have conquered territories not covered by the Ikshvaku dynasty of Lord Rama.

Information of Ravana abounds in Sinhala , Ceylon.

One such work is Ravana Tales.

What Was Happening in World during Ramayan Part 1 India


Shall be exploring the connection between eastern kingdoms and Tamil kings reference.

This article is about the kingdoms in India.

Shall be writing on other world kingdoms including Lemuria,Atlantis,MU and Uighurs.

Rama’s Brother In Law In 2 Million Year Old Karnataka Ramayana

There is Rishyasrunga Hill near Sringeri.

5.Rama's sister was married to Shanta to Romapada.Romapada was the King of Anga Desa, now in Pakistan, near Mohenjo Daro. His son-in-law was Rishyasrunga, which makes Rishyasrunga Rama's Sister's husband!


A king named Dasharatha will be born into Ikshwaku dynasty who will be very virtuous, resplendent and truthful one to his vow." Said Sanat Kumara, the Sage."King Dasharatha will befriend the king of Anga and the king of Anga will beget a fortunate girl named Shanta.

Shanta is said to be the daughter of Dasharatha and given to Romapada in adoption, and Rishyasringa marries her alone. This is what Sumantra says to Dasharatha at 1-9-19.

Hanuman Returned From Lanka 5076 BC 11 AM Speed 660Km

Valmiki's Ramayan contains graphic and poetic details of eight constellations during Hanuman's return journey from Sri Lanka to Sunaabh Hill in the middle of the sea which apparently took about four and a half hours from 6:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. All these details of planets and nakshtras with reference to eight constellations described in Sarga 57(1,2,3) of chapter 5 tally exactly with the sky view generated by the software for the morning of 14th September 5076 BC.''