Rama Used Atom Bomb Against Atlantis Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo-daro reveals  the exposure to Atomic Radiation, possibly caused by an Atomic blast.

Rama's Empire.jpg
Rama’s Empire.

The Brahmastra mentioned in Indian Epics and Puranas is capable of this devastating effect.

To my knowledge Valmiki does not seem to refer to the  extensive use of Brahmastra in the Valmiki Ramayana.

The instance  was when Indrajit used it against Hanuman and as Hanuman prayed Brahma( and he had a oon from Brahma as well) it did stun him and he was not killed nor the effects to the environment were devastating..

‘◾Vishvamitra used it against Vasishta, but the Brahmastra was swallowed by Brahmadanda, Lord Brahma’s countermeasure against the Brahmastra.
◾In the Ramayana a Brahmastra is used by Shri Rama several times: once against Jayanta (Indra’s son) when he hurt Sita, against Mareecha in their last encounter, against the Ocean when he did not answer his prayer to allow his army and himself to cross over to Lanka and finally in the last battle with Ravana.
◾It is also mentioned in the Vedas that a Brahmastra was aimed by Shri Rama to carve a path out of the sea so that the army of apes could march towards Lanka, however at that moment, Varuna appeared and told Lord Rama about the technical flaws of using the weapon and hence it was later aimed towards Dhrumatulya by Lord Rama, which fell at the place of modern day Rajasthan causing it to become a desert. Also Indrajit aimed a Bhramastra at Lord Lakshman on the final battle between him and Lord Lakshman, however the deadly weapon returned because Lakshman himself was the avatar of Trinity.(How many times Brahmastra was used)

Though Brahmastra  was not used other than these instances, there seems to have been evidence of Atomic blast in India, in Mohenjo Daro.

Moheno Daro Atomic Blast. gif Moheno Daro Blast Victims. imge creditshabharanjagupta,wordpress.com

The Brahmastra was not used in the area mentioned above in the Ramayana, though this is the place where Kara and Dushana came from.

Atom Bomb result Mohenjo Daro.jpg
Moheno Daro atomic Blast. At one site, Soviet scholars found a skeleton which had a radioactive level 50 times greater than normal. Other cities have been found in northern India that show indications of explosions of great magnitude. One such city, found between the Ganges and the mountains of Rajmahal, seems to have been subjected to intense heat. Huge masses of walls and foundations of the ancient city are fused together, literally vitrified! And since there is no indication of a volcanic eruption at Mohenjo-Daro or at the other cities, the intense heat to melt clay vessels can only be explained by an atomic blast or some other unknown weapon. The cities were wiped out entirely. Image subhadraranjangupta.wordpress.com

They came to Dandakaranya and Rama defeated them.

So the Mohenjo- Daro area was not a victim of Atomic Bomb.

Nor was it used in the Mahabharata Times.

The place in question was called Angsa Desa, of which Karna was the King(Karna was anointed as the King of Anga)

Given the fact that there had been atomic radiation in Mohenj- Daro, how can we account for it since Rama did not seem to have used it, nor any one in the Mahabharata in the area?

There seems to me one logical answer to this.

Lord Rama had conquered the whole of world, I had published the Map of Rama Empire.

If Rama had annexed these area he had to have won over them.

If so, whom did he defeat?

I checked world History, Legends,and Folklore.

I had my link in Atlantis.

I published an article on Rama’s War with Atlantis

and another one,

Rama Atlantis War Kavatam periplus Port Window of Lemuria

As explained in these articles, there seems to have been Four major civilizations then.

Rama’s Empire,

Atlantis Empire,

Uighur Empire and

Lemurian Empire.

Of these Uighur was not very advanced and Lemuria which had been on the wane was trying to recoup.

They were suppressed by the Atlantis people.

In the Atlantis, Osiris’ son Horus entered into an alliance with Rama to defeat Seth who was trying to become independent in the Sumerian valley.

King Atlas (King Of Atlantis) and Prince Osiris (heir to the throne) desired to create secondary domains where they could re-establish the Lemurian Empire . This intention was thwarted by the actions of Osiris’ younger brother, the Emperor Seth. As present ruler of the Libyan/Egyptian Empire (that covered all of Africa), Seth decided that with the fall of Atlantis his Empire (in league with the rebel Sons of Belial) was to be its last stronghold. He made it his goal to re-establish the Atlantean Empire with himself as its all-powerful, ‘divine right’ emperor (of the world).

‘conflicting objectives resulted in deadly warfare between Osiris and his brother Seth. Leading Osiris’s Egyptian armies was Osiris’ eldest son Horus. After Osiris’ unfortunate ‘death’, Horus succeeded his father as king of the Libyan/Egyptian Empire. Intuitively, Horus knew what would happen when they landed in Libya. He completely distrusted his uncle. Horus persistently warned his father about Seth’s stubbornness and treachery. Osiris, believing in the goodness of the human heart, initially ignored his son’s advice. Subsequently, Osiris landed in Libya and after Seth’s abdication became Emperor’

After the demise of Osiris, his son Horus entered into a pact with Rama Empire(Emperor Zata’ar’s eldest son, Prince Rama.) to defeat Seth, the usurper.’

The Atlantis army met with Rama’s Army in Rishi City, now in Pakistam.

Now read this.

Vallmiki ends the Ramayana with Rama’s Coronation, Pattabhisheka and therfore we have no information on Ram’s conquest of the world, after his victory over Ravana.

In this instance, there are two observations by me.

Did Rama use Brahmastra?

In which case the following version does not really support the Atom Bomb theory as Rama seems to have stopped the advancing army by making the army generals drop dead.

Or was the Astra differnt?

Or did Rama use his astra as mentioned here(Yogic Posture), after the Atlantis people had used the Brahmastra?

The latter explanation seems to tally with the state of Mohenjo Daro Radiation.

I am searching for more information.

Atlantis Drops A-Bomb on India

The Lemurian Fellowship (an esoteric group formed in the 1930’s) lessons state:
During the heyday of Atlantis and Rama, both the Ramayana and the Lemurian Fellowship agree that other advanced civilizations were also in existence. According to the Lemurian Fellowship the Osiris Civilization existed in what is today North Africa and the Mediterranean Basin, and the Uiger Empire ruled over what is today the Gobi Desert. Yet of all of the civilizations, Atlantis and Rama were supposedly the two most developed.

These two cultures had developed advanced technology, which they shared between themselves and the rest of the world. It had been mainly developed in Atlantis and would seem like science fiction to us today, just as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata seem like science fiction. Not only did they have aircraft such as vimanas and valixi (as the Atlantean craft was called), they had weapons such as fireballs that could destroy a whole city…(etc.).

According to the Lemurian Fellowship, as Atlantis and Rama reached the height of civilization, war broke out between them. The Atlanteans, a highly technical and war-like culture were bent on conquering the world. Subjugating the Rama Empire was an important step in their plan.

An interesting episode in the Atlantean history as related by the Lemurian Fellowship involves the Atlanteans sending a well-equipped army to India in order to subjugate the Rama Empire, demanding surrender, tribute and acceptance of Atlantean rulership.

The Priest-King of Rama stated they didn’t believe in war, and asked them to leave in peace.

Arrogantly, the Atlanteans did not believe that the Indians had the power to stop them, certainly not by technical means. At dawn, the Atlantean army began their march on the city.
Sadly, the Priest-King watched the army advance…He raised his arms heavenward and, using a yogi technique, he caused the general and each officer in descending order to drop dead in their ranks, apparently by heart attack. The Atlanteans fled. Of the seige of the Rishi City, not one man from the Rama Empire was lost. (Stranger Than Science, Frank Edwards, 1959).

The Indian Epics, especially the Mahabharata, pick up the thread of the tale from here and go on to tell of the rest of the horrible story; a story of devasation and destruction. Apparently Atlantis, displeased at it’s humiliating defeat, decided that they were no longer interested in subjugating the Rama Empire, and decided instead to annihilate the major cities using weapons so destructive that the Sanskrit scholars could not comprehend what was being described in the Epics until the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan.

These are authentic verses from the Indian Epics:
“Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful vimana
hurled a single projectile
charged with all the power of the Universe,
An incandescent column of smoke and flame,
as bright as ten thousand suns,
rose with all its splendor.

It was an unknow weapon
and iron thudnerbolt,
a gigantic messenger of death,
which reduced to ashes
the entire race of Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

…After a few hours
all foodstuffs were infected…
…to escape from this fire
the soldiers threw themselves in the streams
to wash themselves and their equipment.”
The Mahabharata

“(It was a weapon) so powerful
that it could destroy the earth in an instant –
A great soaring sound in smoke and flames –
And on it sits death..”
The Ramayana

Compiled by David Hatcher Childress (A real-life Indiana Jones)
in conjunction with Sanskrit Scholars

From a 324 page book, which includes the complete
translation of the Vimaanika Shastra text.

“An ancient, heavily populated city in Pakistan was instantly destroyed 2,000 years before Christ by an incredible explosion that could only been caused by an atomic bomb. That’s the mind bogging conclusion of a British researcher, David Davenport, who spent 12 years studying ancient Hindu scripts and evidence at the site where the great city – Mohenjo Daro once stood. What was found at the site of Mohenjo Daro corresponds exactly to Nagasaki, declared Davenport, who published his startling findings in an amazing book, “Atomic Destruction in 2000 B.C.”, Milan, Italy, 1979.

There was an epicenter about 50 yards wide where everything was crystallized, fused or melted, he said. Sixty yards from the center the bricks are melted on one side indicating a blast. the horrible, mysterious event of 4,000 years ago that leveled Mohenjo Daro was recorded in an old Hindu manuscript called the Mahabharata, “White hot smoke that was a thousand times brighter than the sun rose in infinite brilliance and reduced the city to ashes, the account reads. Water boiled…horses and war chariots were burned by the thousands.. . the corpses of the fallen were mutilated by the terrible heat so that they no longer looked like human beings…”. The description concludes, “it was a terrible sight to see … never before have we seen such a ghastly weapon”.

Based on his study of many ancient manuscripts, Davenport believes that the end of Mohenjo Daro was tied to a state of war between the Aryans and the Dravidian. Aryans controlled regions where space aliens were mining minerals and exploiting other natural resources, he believes. Because it was a Dravidian city, the aliens had agreed to destroy Mohenjo Daro on behalf of the Aryans. The aliens needed the friendship of the Aryan kings so that they could continue their prospecting and research, explained Davenport. The texts tell us that 30,000 inhabitants of the city were given seven days to get out – a clear warning that everything was about to be destroyed. Obviously, some people didn’t heed the warning, because 44 human skeletons were found there in 1927, just a few years after the city was discovered.

I shall be writng on the Aliens referred to By Indian Texts with Proof, a series, shortly.

** I had written an article earlier on the atomic blast could have been used in the Mahabharatha, based on some other evidence.

I incline to agree with the view that Rama used the Bomb in Ramayana.

The issue has to be resolved.





11 thoughts on “Rama Used Atom Bomb Against Atlantis Mohenjo Daro

    1. I am providing links and sources for each article. In this case, the source is from Sumerian literature.Sumerian Kinglist lists Rama , Dasaratha and Bharatha as Their kings.Regards.


  1. Dear Shri Ramanan, Just thought of sharing the below lines. All avatars of Vishnu are cosmic child’s and they are realized beings born in human forms. Whenever dharma falls Lord Vishnu takes avatar and therefore how come Rama will not be aware of his position as an Avatar and his very destiny? But all the avatars will follow the dharma when they are in earth as per the normal beings. When Parasurama, Krishna all are born realized knowing their existence how come Rama will be unaware? Kindly highlight.


    1. Lord Rama’s history is a fact and it has been recorded by Valmiki.He does not mention that Rama as aware of Divinity at all during the avatar.Excepting one instance when he stopped the Sakthi ayudha sent by Ravana, by chanting Pranava.and had he he been aware he would have resorted to his divine powers to defeat Ravana and there is no record of such events in Ramayana.Though Visamitra tells Rama of His divine nature when Rama turned stone into Ahalya, Rama did not take the divine part seriously.


  2. What about Luv and Kush, sons of Rama, who were sent to foreign lands by Rama? Could they have contributed to the wars in these areas?


      1. But I could not believe that Rama (being an earthly avatar of Vishnu) who knows the 3 dimensions of time would have sent Sita to hermitage during her pregnancy and that too when Valmiki stops the Ramayana once Rama reaches Ayodhya. I even read that it was Maya Sita who was abducted and not the real Sita. Rama also knew that Ravana is one of Vishnu’s dwarabalaka and has to be killed by him. In this case all this lava and kusa all seems to some manipulation to spoil Rama’s name so as to show that Rama was not so special by doubting his wife Sita and kicking here out to a hermitage.


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