Rama’s Empire Covered The World,A Study

I have been pursuing the spread of Sanatana Dharma throughout the world,by checking up,

Rama's Empire.jpg
Rama’s World Empire

1.Archeological findings.

2.Astronomical dating of events in Rama’s Life and of the events that had taken place in what are Foreign lands to India now, mentioned in the Ramayana.

3.The Mahabharata connection.

4.The Vedic practices followed by almost all countries in some form or the other by civilisations which predate the recorded literature of these lands.

5.Cultural similarity, in many cases , identity.

6.The strong influence of Sanskrit over almost all the languages of the world .

7.Another ancient language of the world Tamil, which had also spread throughout the world, in some form or other.

I have been posting articles on the subject, probably about 60, on the presence of Hinduism ,Sanatana Dharma throughout the world.

One central point struck me.

More than the Puranas, Mahabharata and other Sanatana Dharma inputs, Ramayana seems to have found a place every where.

If one checks the directions given by Sugreeva to his army in the search for Sita, one would find references to even  Peru, among others!

Indian Influence in Souh East Asia.jpg
Indian Influence in Souh East Asia.
Greater India: The expansion of Indian culture and influence both in Central Asia and the South East towards the countries and islands of the Pacific is one of the momentous factors of world history.
(image source: A Survey of Indian History – By Sardar Kavalam Madhava Panikkar).Click to Enlarge

From Polynesia to Americas.

It is present in Mayan,Aztec,Babylonian, Assyrian,Greek,Roman,Latin American Incas,Russia, China, you find a country in the Map,if you dig deep, you shall find the Ramayana connection.

The obvious inference is that Rama’s Empire must have spread throughout the world, including the Atlantis

This is not so preposterous if one knows Geology , the origin of Continents and the Continental shift.

To add strength to my view is the fact that there are quite a few civilisations of which we practically know very little, yet we find references to Ramayana and Vedas.

Major known civilizations apart there were some other civilisations.

Sumerians, the Olmecs, the pre-Egyptians and the Megalithics

There are theories that suggest Rama’s empire might have ended by a Nuclear Bomb.

“The strong radiation emanating from fossil corpses, at Mohenjo-Daro, forced the Indian government to close the site. Would have Rama’s Empire been destroyed by a nuke bomb? ( I shall be posting on this in detail)

And the current dating of Rama not withstanding, Rama’s Empire might have existed about 10,000 years ago!

“At Mahabalipuram in southern India, a legend says that a city was submerged 10,000 years ago. However, just before the tsunami of 26th December 2004, the waters receded very far. And the inhabitants of the town have seen the emergence of the ruins of a temple and of a stone house, as well as an elephant and two giant lions carved in granite. Two years earlier, Graham Hancock had set up an underwater expedition revealing the presence of masonry and frame walls, dated from 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. As in the legend …

The Tamil Epics, specifically the Silapadikaram speaks of Rama in detail.

Though the Silapadikaram is dated 5th or the 6th century CE, there is strong evidence it might have been earlier.

Taking all this into account and the fact that the Super Continent of Gondwana is real, it is probable and possible that Rama’s Empire extended throughout the world.


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Lost Civilisations

Empire of Rama

31 responses to “Rama’s Empire Covered The World,A Study”

  1. The Indians still oscillate between British History and PURANAS and restrict to 1000 years BEFORE AND AFTER CHRIST. Another sad part of INDIAN HISTORIANS is that they completely ignore BUDDHIST AND JAIN CHRONICLES. There is more history in BUDDHIST CHRONICLES. The Kalki Avathar has been mentioned as RETURN TO KINGDOM OF SABALA. Here lies the secrets. The entire secrets of the world are kept only by LLAMAS IN TIBETAN MONASTERIES. The present map should not be taken to view the MAPS in PURANAS. THE ANCIENT BABYLONIAN GREEK MAPS give the clue. As per ARRIYAN AND INDICOPLEUS the south India was not presented as triangular shape. Another interesting part in ARRIAN MAP is Srilanka is facing Kerala and on the west of India and there is only a small tip. CAN IT BE WRONG?NO. We are not able to interpret correctly. There was no direct contact between North and Srilanka through EAST COAST. People took to sails either from SIND OR BRIGUKACHCHA OR TAMRALIPTI IN THE EAST. Jaffna and the west coast of Lanka was alone used as reaching point for EAST COAST. Even upto Fifteenth century AD Chinese used to embark only at KOLLAM. That is why there is similarity between MALABAR AND JAFFNA. Further during the course of trade winds ships sailing from Kollam will directly land at Jaffna. Further trade winds linked EAST COAST FROM TONDI TO PARADIP with complete EAST ASIA. That is why there was war between CHOLAS AND ORISSA for maritime supremacy and trade with EAST ASIA. Further all the Sanskrit poets from Bhasa to ing Harsha were fascinated by shipwreck from Srilanka since they did not know land route through East coast. This is further supplemented by the fact that there is no reference to CHOLAS/PALLAVAS in any of the SANSKRIT LITERATURE. Thus the present understanding of South India is only from trade links established during CHOLA HEGEMONY and well used for the first time MARCO POLO.Thus the geography projected in Ramayana would have been completely different if we fix MIDDLE EAST AS MERU AND STANDARD GREENWICH TIME taking it as ANCIENT LONDON and draft accordingly. The cardinal points–ALAGAPURI/AMARAVATHI/BHOJAPURI will have to be understood only through the latitude with MERU as base. Thus Extreme South India would have been shifted to TAMRAPANNI and Swarnadwipa would be EAST ASIA. Thus Ravana would have been ruling SWARNADWEEPA and Lord Rama would have ousted him and his descendeents would have occupied TAMRAPANNI–the present Srilanka. Thus Ramayana would be more than 50000 years old.


    • Thank you for your insighful comments.I agree.I have posted an artilce on ramayan being 50,000 yeras old.I habennplanning to rite on the basis of jain?Buddhst chronicles.
      I shall do so shortly.Meanwhile, Gondwana will answer most of the doubts on Tamil and Sanatna Dharama.I am making notes on the points made in Tamil literaure to write on Tamil,Tamil Kingdoms and Sanatana Dharma.I have posted a couple of aticles, including the Tamil Kings’ Dynasty from 450 BC.Regds,


      • According to Yuga calculation in vedas . Ramayan is 1750000 year old. And our vedas and puranas are always right. Our scientific reasons may be wrong .


  2. Dear Mr Ramanan
    Brilliant article as usual. Please provide me a link for your article of Ramayana being 50000 years old. Also waiting for your detailed article on world empire of Lord Rama on geological basis. How frequently you visit to Pune or Maharashtra. I want to have discussion with you.
    Please reply
    Shrirang Sudrik
    Pune Maharashtra India
    Cell : +91 09011350747

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    • I shall send you the link.I shall be posting a series on Sanatana Dharma based on Geology.i do not have any immediate plan to go over to PuneBombay.I shall definitely meet you when I drop by,Meanwhile we can contact through Phone,Regds


  3. Then why does the harappan people worship only mothergodess and peepal tree.Why didnt they construct any temples..


    • No.It was not needed in Rama’s Period as the landmass was difffernt. Kindly read my Post on Lord Shiva’s Marriage 40 Lakh years ago.The territory Rama held has been provided in the Post taking the present landmass we know today

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    • I shall be posting on this,The Information provided in my post is correct as also the fact that Rama existed in Treta Yuga.They are not contradictory.Thanks for the comment,Regds


  4. Thank you for ur precious findings. And thank you for the trouble you have taken to uphold and flourish our Hinduism. Jai shree Rama.

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  5. Is it sure that there were radiations from corpses in Mohan jodaro. Has it been accepted by Archaelogical survey? can we call them up?

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  6. Very good Work..Mr Ramanan…History excites me a lot… i also like to say that Dr DK hari who also works on recalling and reveling our Indian legends like Rama,Shiva and also what India was…

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  7. i have gone through it and found that we are nearer to the truth but here if some body whois aarsh drastas then result will be perfact .our sanatan dharm is developed on the basis #one should stend on his feet and not demand any help he should so strong “”this is ram rajyas defination

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  8. According to some puraanas, Raamaayana’s age was in 24th tretaayuga of this vaivaswata manvantara. Currently we are in 28th kaliyuga. One cycle of chaturyugas( means kruta, treta, dwaapara and kali yuga’s one cycle) is around 43 lakh years. You can calculate the possible date of Raamaayana on this.

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