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TV Collects Your Personal Data

One is used to websites tracking your History.

Then came the Mobiles.

There have been various regulations in force , on paper.

I have posted quite a few Posts on how to protect one’s personal Data.

Now the Spying enters your Home too.

There have been reports of LG TVs collecting personal data and forwarding to the Company.AP and Huffington Post report.

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Web Site For Death In Your House Forewarns Haunting

There are Applications Galore.

I have my son showing an Apps. that tells you whether there are extra Magnetic Filed/Spirits(!0 in a Place!

Common are Direction Finders, Heath Monitors and a host of trivia, to me at least.

Now A web site claims to tell you whether some has died in the house you Live!

To rest your mind from the anxiety, the site also claims it would tell you whether the Death is natural or not by natural causes.


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Roaming At Local Mobile Cost Use Sticker

The cost of Roaming in Cell Phones is high. Now one can chat on International Calls in Local Call rates, by using a sticker. This costs $35. “It’s not hard to spend more on international roaming charges abroad than you did on the ticket there, but cloak your cell’s SIM card with a¬†KnowRoaming¬†sticker ($35) and you could be chatting andSnapchatting

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