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Government Transfers 560 Crore NPA To Another Bank

Apart from the legal aspects of this issue, about which I am proving a link that deals with this issue in detail, there is a moral question involved.

Why should an ordinary share holder of a Bank who is in noway connected to the Non Performing Assets(NPA) incurred by another Bank to suffer for the inefficiency or wanton non collection of its Dues.

I say ‘wantonly’ because insiders in the banking circle say that majority of the NPA belong to companies owned by the Politicians.

Curiously no report, not even a mention is made of these issues, NPA being transferred and NPAs are the default of Politicians any where in the internet.

Curious or have I not searched properly?

Retied senior Bankers or those in current employment with guts may provide inputs.

Non Performing Assets of Banks, India.

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Banks Cheat Fined Details.ATM Attack Penny Wise

Recently there has been attack on a woman who went to an ATM.

She was injured seriously .

The Court has directed that the Banks must provide adequate security in the ATMs with immediate effect.

The banks have been balking at the issue of providing security at the ATMs because of the security personnel.

Right now ATMS have elderly guards from Security firms,.

These guards can hardly walk, let alone stop the intruders.

Let’s see how the Banks act now.

I have seen Banks cheating customers in Account statements.

My son has an account with a leading private bank.

He never reads the account statement.

I read his account statement.

I find , on regular basis, amounts being debited, Rs.100/200,as .towards ‘Service Charges’

When I contact them they regret and reverse the entry and credit the charges they have debited.

As an explanation,I was informed that these things do happen!

Imagine Rs.100 per customer and assume that the Bank has 1 Million Customers.

A minority like me check the account statement.

Unreported the Bank collects a huge amount.

Such are the practices of the Banks, where they cheat when no one is looking.

And they cheat heavily on House Mortgages, Loans.

I am yet to see one who has cleared his Housing loan.

I have posted on how banks mislead customers on Housing Loans and keep you in Debt till you die.

On top of this the Banks get bail out from the Government, as in JP Morgan.

Many Banks have been caught in cheating customers and some of them were caught in some cases.

The compensation they have to pay is mind-boggling.

But they are unfazed, for it is not their money, it is the Public’s/Shareholders!

Here is a List

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Salary By PrePaid Cards Exploitation By Corpotations

People in the IT Industry talk about CTC(for the initiated in the IT Jargon , it means how big a you burn a hole in the Company’s pocket).

This CTC is way below your take Home pay after confusing calculations like a Mobile Bill, excepting the man who raised it , none can understand it!)

Workers, even IT Professionals are workers, are being cheated , only thing is that they are unaware of it as the terms are couched in Jargons,

Now the Corporations have gone a step higher.

New York Times reports that Companies have resorted to issuing salary by cards to workers and they have to en-cash these cards.

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