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Occupy Wall Street ,End Corporate GREED- Live Video stream.

The repressed anger of the people against the Governments being run by proxy by Corporates is  understandable. While austerity measures are meant for the ordinary Joe, the Corporates go scot free.Take the instance of Goldman Sach-.The Comany had to be bailed out by the government, but the executives granted themselves Bonus.It required the arm twisting of Obama to make them drop the

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Labor’s Coming Class War, a Warning.

  That the public sector unions form a vote bank and help politicians who to retain their seat, accommodate them with scant regard for economy . Workers in the unorganized sector,say electricians , plumbers etc,. have their grievances unheard, In India politicians have descended to another level,that of offering freebies like electricity to sections of Society without bothering about economic

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Naxal elements part of our society.

First sane statement from any politician.The problem is not one of Law and Order but of the rage of the neglected regions,castes and unthinkable difference between the rich and the poor.Successive Governments have been paying lip service by announcing paper schemes and the political parties have been sabotaging the programmes for votes, for undoused embers shall get votes. Unless the

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Have we fallen out of love with capitalism BBC World Service.

Honey moon with Capitalism is turning sour.
Reason is that Keynesian Economic Theory is not working in terms controlling Inflation and deflation.
Secondly the assumption that material benefits alone can guarantee security is taking a beating as security of future is not guaranteed even by Capitalism.
The divide between the have’s and Have nots have widened to the point of being unbridgeable, recalling to one’s mind the conditions obtaining in France prior to 1789;here the nobles have been substituted by Corporations and the obscenely rich.
Fourthly,financial scams by corporates have disillusioned the common man.
However, Communism is no solution as capitalism with more controls and distribution of wealth is the solution.

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