Occupy Wall Street ,End Corporate GREED- Live Video stream.

The repressed anger of the people against the Governments being run by proxy by Corporates is  understandable.

While austerity measures are meant for the ordinary Joe, the Corporates go scot free.Take the instance of Goldman Sach-.The Comany had to be bailed out by the government, but the executives granted themselves Bonus.It required the arm twisting of Obama to make them drop the move.

By reckless spending the Corporates squander money, borrow outrageous loans from financial institutions with the help of crooked auditors and cooked books,evade taxes,get themselves paid enormously and post losses, which is only in the books.

Then they approach the Financial Institutions  additional loans to help them pay the original loan.Banks, afraid of losing the original loan advances them more and yet the corporates fail again.

Then they go the Government ,blackmail them stating that the economy will be ruined and unemployment will rise.

The Government ,partly because of economic non sense and partly because they need corporates‘ money for election offer a bail out.

This is the story through out the world.

Now for a failing airlines owned by Liquor baron in India the Government is arm twisting the banks into lending him with out sufficient security and is also considering a bail out.

For all this shenanigans the financial institutions are hands in glove with the corporates.

The Economic ruins of Ireland, Greece and Turkey now is because of this.

Unless this is checked, ordinary working people will be in the streets.

These atrocious greed of the corporates makes one ,despite one’s revulsion,to think of Communism as an alternative.

The Occupy Wall street Movement must be supported by all those who think right and it has to be led properly to end the menace of Corporate greed.

Live Updates

  • 12:18 pm: triumphant marchers returning to Liberty Square
  • 12:14 pm: global solidarity actions: Occupy LA blocking bridge into financial district;Occupy Portland closes Steel Bridge; 30,000 march in Greece; more updates to come.
  • 11:55 am: one of many video streams, TheOther99, breaks 20K current viewers, nearly 170K total views
  • 11:52 am: counterterrorism agents spotted, appear oblivious to economic terrorism
  • 11:44 am: thousands marching on Wall Street under red and black flag, police rush to erect barricades
  • 11:34 am: sign reads: “Arrest one of us, and two more will appear. You cannot arrest an idea.”
  • 11:32 am: barricades removed from south side of Liberty Square.
  • 11:20 am: Liberty Square re-occupied: Bloomberg, NYPD struggle to quash Occupy Wall Street.


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