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The Other Obama We do not Know.

Breitbart has come out with an investigative piece on On Obama,tracing his early yeras.

The information presented states that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya and Brought up in Indonesia and Hawaii.

It also presents the earlier life of Obama which differs from what we know of.

The article states that Obama’s profile is probably projected according to the needs.

Now to the Article…..
Is this for Obama or against Obama?

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Obama Birth Certificate A Fraud-Investigation Reveals. Video The news conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate yielded one fascinating back story. This is a story which has received no media coverage, but it deserves to get out. We are all still dealing with the shock of our friend and Patriot Andrew Breitbart’s sudden death. Andrew was, as Rush Limbaugh say, a bulldog

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