Million Year Proven History Of India A Lie? No. Details

The dating of Ramayana based on Astronomy ,Flora and Fauna descriptions found in the Valmiki Ramayana pushes its date to million years. Hindu texts mention Ramayana date to be in Treta Yuga,which is agreement with Million year dating. The same with Mahabharata which took place around six thousand years ago,Dwapara Yuga. The remains of Dwaraka city has been dated now at 32,000 years. The Indian language is dated around two thousand years ago.

Midnight to Midnight Day Calendar From Hindu Day?

As the empire of Bharatvarsha functioned from the present India( read Vikramadityas World Empire),the world seems to have followed the Indian day concept,that is beginning in the morning. That is taking 5.30 am as the Sun rises in India,12 midnight has been taken as the beginning of a new day. One must remember that Britain was ruling the world,colonising the countries.

Time Recoils Earth Is 4.32 Billion Years Hindusim

A Kalpa is 12 hours of Brahma. 2 kalpas make a day and a night of Brahma. He lives for 100 years on this time scale. How many Mahayugas or Chaturyugas( Four) are there in a Kalpa? There are 1000 or 1008, Mahayugas in a Kalpa Mahayugas in a Kalpa. 84 Chaturyugas is an hour of Brahma. There are 14 Manvantaras in a Kalpa. Check my post on this.( Link provided at the end of this post) A Manu or an Indra lives for 1 Manvantara. A Manvanatara is a 100 years of Indra.

Time Traveler Caught With A Listening Device.

Physicists have confirmed that Time Travel is possible. I have posted on this , on the different Dimensions of Space confirmed by Modern Astrophysics and the Video presentation of Various Dimensions of Space under 'Astrophysics' and TIme' I have just received a Forward from the Alien Disclosure Group a Video where it shows a woman talking into a listening Device(not known to us). "Very interesting footage from 1938 (Filmed in 1937 and released in 1938) which seems to show a woman holding an unknown device to her ear. It's quite obvious she is talking into it, only question is what is it and who is she talking too? Footage credit to Petr Richter.'