Million Year Proven History Of India A Lie? No. Details

Timeline of Indian History is staggering and unbelievable.

Ramayana,one of the two great Epics of India is now dated around 5114 BC.

The dating of Ramayana based on Astronomy ,Flora and Fauna descriptions found in the Valmiki Ramayana,pushes its date to million years.

Hindu texts mention Ramayana date to be in Treta Yuga,which is agreement with Million year dating.

The same with Mahabharata which took place around six thousand years ago,Dwapara Yuga.

The remains of Dwaraka city has been dated now at 32,000 years.

And one finds the deaths of Lord Rama and Krishna are separated by only 200 years!

But according to Purchase, these two events were separated by about a Million years!

The Indian language  Tamil is dated around two thousand years ago.

The remains of the city of Poompuhar,Tamil Nadu pushes the date to 11,000 years ago.

This is based on ocean floor mapping and carbon dating.

We find Million year old Kannada Brahmi script in Karnataka.

Bengal is dated over 25000 years ,so is Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala,India.

Thiruvannamalai is dated 3.94 Billion years.

Thirupathi 2100 Million years.

The point is that all the above conclusions are based from scientific study using advanced methods and equipments in Astronomy,Geology,Infra Red ,Sea floor Mapping,Study of Glaciers and Tectonic shifts.


If we accept these dates,then we have to discard the present history taught on Evolution,Geology and Anthropology,because during the dates mentioned as Million years the earth was hot and there could have been no life.

But more evidence compels one to rethink the present history taught.

Obviously either the world evolved much later as is being taught,or that it  evolved over millions of years  earlier ,as revealed by Hindu texts.

Interestingly the Age of Earth as explained in Hindu texts is accepted by Geology,that is over a three billion years ago .

The civilization called Hindu existed as found in Vedic texts.

Which is true?

One has to understand the concept of Time and the inadequacy of our Knowledge and Equipments.

Carbin dating is useless for dating objects over 50,000 years.

Infra red,Geo Mapping, Tectonic study become useless for Atomic blasts allter the atmosphere and our readings from them are fallacious.

To our knowledge ,there has been an Atomic blast in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during Second World War.

We know countries have been conducting Nuclear tests.

So the evidence from these sources are,as stated earlier, are not reliable.

So what is the truth?

This drives one to the Concept of Time.

We consider Time as Linear.

That is Time moves forward and in a straight line.

That is we have yesterday,today and tomorrow.

Can we say when a day ends and a new day begins?

We have kept 12 midnight as the end of one day and the beginning of a New Day.


If we had kept 10 am  instead of 12 midnight what will happen?


We will be beginning the new day at 10am.

Then what happened to this 12 ‘o’ clock business?


It never was, nor has it disappeared.

It is only our way of understanding Time by imagining and fixing a cut off time to mark the passage of Time.

Then we have different Time Zones in the world and some Nations have more than one ,for instance the US.

Which is the correct Time?

The Time where we Live is taken as the correct Time for our Environment.

So our conception of Time is Relative.

This is the concept of Time as Linear.

In absolute terms there is no beginning for/of Time or Space.

Our Mind is not equipped to understand them as they Are.

Space and Time are the two spectacles through which we Perceive anything.

You can never think of anything without referring these,Time and Space.

So in Absolute terms Time and Space can not even be imagined.

For instance the diameter of Large Cluster Galaxies.

Their diameter is about 200 to 300 Crore Light years!

That is 3000000000* the velocity of Light!

( light velocity Kilo meters per Hour 1080 million (1.08×109)!

That we can not imagine it,does not alter the fact.

So what we understand is limited.

This applies to everything in the Universe.

So what is the Truth?

Time is beginningless ,endless.

It is indescribable.


We know it is there but can not describe it.

Much less understand It.

When we Perceive,our Perception is limited to/by our senses.

We Perceive what we can.

As there are many indiduals,so are Perceptions.

But our Mind categorises different perceptions of different people,assigns a general frame of1 reference which we accept as acceptable.

This is to help the organism to Survive.

From the point of view of the individual,The Limitless Time,Time,in the view of the Perceiver,recoils Itself.

That Time is an endless cycle,a continuous Flow,

That there is no past,present and Futre.

All are either present or All are absent.

In which case what has happened,continues to happen and will happen.

So events that happened continue to happen to day and will happen in future.

In common terms ,as an example,Ramayana,if it had happened is Happening now and will Happen tomorrow.

And all of them at the same Time.

This depends on the Perceiver.

Where and how?

Quantum mechanics has just proved that,

An Atom can be present at more places than one At the Same Time,

When you Perceive a thing yoy Alter it and it Alters you,

That is one can be present at many places at the same Time.

That is the dates arrived at for Ramayana, Mahabharata and other history by Indian Texs are true.

Yet seem to be anamolies by our understanding.

This is Hindu Thought and Advaita.

Everything is Illusory ,yet at the same time Real for the Time Frame in which they are Perceived.

That Everything never was,is Buddhism,Sunyavada.

6 responses to “Million Year Proven History Of India A Lie? No. Details”

  1. Big Brother. My research agrees with you! Here are some timelines and a link for you to consider:
    I have a picture of a base stone of a Shiv-Lingum, which, just by the erosion caused depression dates it to over 4,00,000 years old.
    Now, Kul Yuga is approximately 4 lakh years long, having started around 4000 years back at the end of Dwapar Yug, which was about 8,64,000 years long, before that Tritya, 12, Lakh years long, preceded by Satya Yug, 24 lakh years long; Over all a History of 48 lakh years!!!!!
    The stone that I mention belongs to Dwapar Yug; the Yug when Mahabharat took place.
    The ruins of submerged Dwarka are dated 10,200 years old! That does not mean that it is of that period, for the City of Dwarka was submerged then, in itself being much older; at least maybe a few Million years old!
    According to a wild guess, off the cuff too; the war of Mahabharat took place about 13000 years back!
    Soon after that their was a great upheaval on Earth, because of a Meteorite Hit; cusing extensive danage on Earth, the annihilation of Disastrous spieces and most other living beings, plants etc as the debris of the hit lasted for 1,600 years, plunging the whole world in to TOTAL Darkness!
    Around 11600 years again there was melting of Ice caps, raising the sea level by 400 feet, in which, whatever remains
    were there of Coastal towns and cities and civilizations got submerged and lost to us; ALONG WITH ALL RECORDS OF PRECEDING CIVILIZATIONS ; may it be Dwarka, Atlantis et all!!!!
    Thus our present…..


  2. Please don’t mix up age of Tamil Nadu (3.94Billion years) which is the age of the oldest rocks with the age of temples built and the age of the settlements in general. You need to provide archeological evidence for age of the temples and or the age of settlements. Many dating tools are available.



    • Kindly read relevant articles where I have provided the Links.As to Tamil Nadu please read my articles Poompuhar date sets back History and Thiruvannamalai 3.94 Billion years old where I have provided archeological study results and also from Geology.All my articles are based on scientific data available on the web.I have also provided a list of general sources for my blog in my article Sources for Ramanis blog.Regards.


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