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Andhras From Puru Dynasty Brothers of Pāṇḍya, Kerala, Cola and Kulya

Now to the antiquity of Andhra.Aindra was successor to Dushyant.His sons were Pāṇḍya, Kerala, Cola and Kulya. Their realms were Pāṇḍyas, Keralas, Colas and Kulyas.

Sixteen Emperors of India Mahabharata List Chola Among Them

Though many dynasties had been in India,two dynasties,Surya, Solar and Chandra,Lunar Dynasties are the ones from which all others have sprung .

Chozhas Were In North , permanently Settled in South In Dwapara Yug?

From the genealogy it transpires that the Earliest Chozha kings seem to have been present in the North of Vindhyas , annexed and ruled the areas of South. Sibi is referred to as Sivi in the North and he ruled from there.