Million Year Proven History Of India A Lie? No. Details

The dating of Ramayana based on Astronomy ,Flora and Fauna descriptions found in the Valmiki Ramayana pushes its date to million years.

Hindu texts mention Ramayana date to be in Treta Yuga,which is agreement with Million year dating.

The same with Mahabharata which took place around six thousand years ago,Dwapara Yuga.

The remains of Dwaraka city has been dated now at 32,000 years.

The Indian language is dated around two thousand years ago.

Big Bang Theory Wrong Science

Once there was Mass, a bunch of Matter.

It became dense, so the Mass became More.

So much More that its Gravity increased to such an extent that it does not allow even Light to escape from it,

At a point of time, because of this immense density the Mass exploded, creating uneven particles.(Big Bang)

Greater the particle, greater the Mass, hence greater density and this attracted more particles.

This is the Big Bang Theory.

Greater Gravitation, Live Indefinitely

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