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Choices And Life

I studied in a premier college with dual scholarship as I could not afford Higher studies.

I was very active in the Students’ Union and was responsible for three strikes in that premier Institution.

The causes were just, the authorities knew it, though could not admit it openly.

I finished my degree as the first rank holder in the University in major(Philosophy,Psychology and Sociology), only first class in The University in the language(Tamil),and one of the seven second class students who scored in English.

Though the college authorities knew I had created problem, the Chief of the group called me and asked me to continue MA , financial help for boarding, lodging and fees will be taken care of by them, I could not, because my family circumstances warranted that I take up a job.

Hence I had to refuse the offer despite their assurance that they will provide me with a job in the college as a Lecturer(Mind you the salary was good for the post in those days) because I could not wait for two more years to earn.

I took up a job, went out of the city, fell in love for over three years with my friend’s( who was around 48 years) daughter.

As much I wanted to marry her, I did not ask her father.

in my view to marry one;s friend’s daughter was a betrayal of Trust!

I got married and me my friend with my wife.

His daughter and he extended hospitality.

As we were returning Home, my wife told me that she saw Love in my friend’s daughter’s eyes and asked me what the matter was.

I explained her and she admonished me for not having married her and felt sorry for me too!

My wife, whom I loved and love still died in child birth.

I went off my mind for a couple of months, got remarried , begotten grand children.

i had choices,

to opt for higher study and a sinecure job.

to marry the one whom I loved,

to remain unmarried after my beloved wife’s death,

I did not choose any of these options.

On hind sight I wish I could have taken them.

The cost?

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Elders Abuse India, By Sons , Not Daughter’s In Law Study

I saw a Show on STAR Vijay TV Today which left me deeply disturbed. A show hosted by Mr.Gopinath of ‘Neeya Naana‘ fame,  ‘என் தேசம் ,என் மக்கள் ” –My Country, My People” in STAR Vijay bares some uncomfortable truths. This programme is telecast on Sundays at 10 am where Social Issues are brought into focus. Some of the earlier issues related to Husnband Wife Relationship,

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Dog Stands By Masters Grave for Six Years! Video

  Ever Green Tree seems Rich  in full bloom, Of no use when befallen’ As of junk unfit for Pyre Bubble of Life,f  that is Man.   Called Love when alive, Fussed over ever in busy Life, Lost Name ,marked’ It’, All go about  Life as usual, Brief Sojourn as Casual. Yet we find unrequited Love for on whom we call devoid of Human attributes, a Dog, stood vigil

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