I had been on a tour to some Temples for the last five Days.

I have been lucky to cover 20 Temples and not one of them is less than 1000 years old.

I was using only Public Transport.

I normally engage in conversations with strangers ans enjoy Life as it goes by.

Three instances, I thought were worth sharing.

I will be sharing two of them and another one by a separate post as it is a very interesting one, to me at least.

I was traveling by train from Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu to Tiruchirapalli.

I was engaged in conversation with a young man of about 35 and he shared some of his problems .

The name is not being mentioned here and the issue is common to all.

He is a builder of some repute and is in Kumbakonam.

His wife is in Tiruchi and his parents are in Thiruvanaikkaval, near Tiruchi.

He has been married for  eight years and has a child of three years.

His wife has gone to live with her parents in Tiruchi and he is staying is Kumbakonam,about two hours drive.

His wife and himself were living in Sri Thiruvanaikaval with his parents till about a year back.

His wife wanted to have a house for themselves and suggested Kumbakonam.

So the man built a House in Kumbakonam.

After moving in  there, his wife refused to stay there any more because, his two sisters were living there and they used to come to his house at least twice a month.

His wife did not like this nor she did like his visiting his sisters.

She wanted to dispose of the house at Kumbakonam and wanted to settle at Tiruchi where her parents are living by building a new house.

She was not prepared to go Thiruvanaikaval where her in-laws lived, even if it were to be separate House.

The man is unable to sell the house at Kumbakonam and is frustrated with his wife and Life in general.

His parents have told him to take any decision which suits him.

He sought my advice and it is not relevant to what I am posting here.

Couple of days later, I was traveling from Viralimalai,I Tiruchi by bus.

A young man of about 30, who was sitting next to me, was talking on his Cell phone.

He was saying( his younger sister I presumed by his talk).,

‘Don’t’ worry, Elder brother, (himself) is leaving for  work…

I have to catch the eight o’clock k train….

No, you don’t come….

I have told everyone to take care of you..

But you also be careful,

While going out eat properly, don’t stay awake late at night,

If you have to go out go out with friends, never alone…

I will be there for the Temple festival in a month’s time…

I will call you from the Station…

Whenever you need anything, call me.’

Tears were rolling down his cheeks as he was speaking.

Both the instances relate to Relations, Relationship.

Which one can I call Love?

P.S. He is unmarried.

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