Elders Abuse India, By Sons , Not Daughter’s In Law Study

I saw a Show on STAR Vijay TV Today which left me deeply disturbed.

A show hosted by Mr.Gopinath of ‘Neeya Naana‘ fame,  ‘என் தேசம் ,என் மக்கள் ” –My Country, My People” in STAR Vijay bares some uncomfortable truths.

This programme is telecast on Sundays at 10 am where Social Issues are brought into focus.

Some of the earlier issues related to Husnband Wife Relationship, Medical Costs.

The present issue is the The Problems of the Elderly and The Aged.

There were three distinct Groups in this issue.

Elder Abuse India
Elder Abuse India

1.Those who were sent to Old Age Homes  by the Wealthy sons  and Daughters.

2.Those who had no body to turn to but economically independent.

3.Those who were economically downtrodden.

In the first category thee were two sub groups, one where the children were abroad and had no intention of returning to India and another where the children are in India and in some cases in the same city where the Elderly have been sent to.

I will be covering the issue in a couple of posts with Statistics.

What struck me first are the Statistics

.* Statistics in this Post are from HelpAge India.

I am also posting Statistics from Other sources.

Elder Abuse
Elder Abuse

Contrary to popular perception, the sons were the main cause for dumping( I deliberately use the Term) and the verbal abuse of parents, and not the Daughter’s in Law!

56 % of the parents were sent to Old Age Homes because os f sons and 23 % because of Daughters’ in Law.

Disrespect 44%

Neglect 30%

  • India has the second largest aged population the world.
  • Currently there are an estimated 100 million elderly in India by 2050 it is said to reach 326 million (projections made by UN in their 1996 revision).
  • 55 million elderly sleep on an empty stomach every night.
  • 75% of persons of age 60 and above reside in rural areas.
  • 1 out 8 elderly feel no one cares they exist.
  • 12 million people in India are blind 70 – 80% of these are elderly. 62.6 % are blind due to cataract.
  • 30 million are lonely
  • 33 % are below the poverty line and majority of them are illiterate.
  • 90 % have to continue to work if they have to survive.
  • 6.5 million feel no one even knows they exist.
  • Only about 11% of India’s workforce participates in any sort of guaranteed retirement income.
  • Within the next five years, the number of adults aged 65 & over will outnumber children under the age of 5.
  • India is said to be the World Capital for heart diseases.
  • It is estimated that by year 2015, nearly 7 lakh elderly in India within the age bracket of 60 – 69 will die of coronary Heart Diseases.
  • More than two third of the Oldest Old (80+) are financially dependent on others.
  • Elder Abuse Statistics Elder Abuse



  1. Nice post.Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very useful! I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post thanks.


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