Relationships, How Far? 

There is no necessity of being deliberate or planning on interacting with them. 
That is what family is all about. 
Over thinking about relationships and communication skills, in my opinion, stunts the warmth of the relationship, though the words might be not too soft. 

12 Kinds Of Sons Puthra Puthri Explanation

I have recently published an article ‘Hinduism on Children and Illegitimate Children”

I mentioned in the Post that the term Puthra denotes Son, Puthra means one who prevents parents entering a hell called ‘Pu or Puth”

I received a valid comment that if that were so, what about Puthri(Daughter)?

Choose Brahmin Mates Swayamvara At Chennai

I have lamented the fact that the Brahmin Community is finding it difficult to find suitable Mates .

This problem has become more pronounced now because of various factors.

1.Girl’s parents delaying the marriage.

2.Girls and Boys having imaginary Ideal Girl/Boy and waiting for a Wave length.

3.As the custom of circulating the Horoscope is getting diminished because of shrinking Families and same community friends, the choice becomes

restricted to only Internet, Matrimonial sites.

Though these are effective, the communication conveyed through these sites by the uploaders do not receive possible Brides/Grooms.

And in most of these sites, the educational and salary expectations are so high and unrealistic, one wonders how people with less qualification/Income get married at all.