Is This All There Is

Now you are free to do what you like and enjoy doing.

And there is no pressure.


You have the mistaken impression that decisions taken by your children , in the family, means that you are sidelined,

You feel that you have to be consulted for everything,

You have the arrogance to think you are always right’

Your decision is final.

Service Portal For Seniors.

The Joint Family system having broken up, thanks to Western Culture, the Seniors are now considered as mere appendages.

Gone are the days when looking after the elderly was the duty of Children.

No longer.

If you imagine this is because of economic reasons, you are mistaken.

A good percentage of these people in the Senior Citizen’s Home are the parents of children settled abroad.

Children send in money and ask the parents to take care of themselves.

I had posted the elders , taking into consideration of the changing value systems, one has to accept reality, without being morose about these issues.

The elders were here before these children were born and were taking care of themselves.

No point in mourning on this issue.

One can be self-reliant if one is confident.

What it needs is the unnecessary clinging to some one else even if it be Children.

One should be happy that they have at least the Financial security.

Imagine people with out even this and being discarded and neglected

One is required to be more updated on the information side and the minimum skill to operate modern gadgets,

If one has a basic knowledge of Computers and Internet, most of your problems are solved.

My brother’s wife, 74, is a Diabetes patient and my Brother is 82 years.

She needs Insulin injections daily and she can not nor my brother can Use a Syringe.

The Nurse who comes is not regular and my brother has to keep on hunting for a Nurse for injections.

Locating the nurses is a problem as the information from service providers is generally confusing and really not focused on the issue at hand.

This is not the only issue the elderly have.

Elders, whose children are abroad, find it extremely difficult to handle daily issues like buying things, Emergency help,Health Care,Daily Living Aids ,Services.

one wishes that there is a nodal information resource that can offer these services Online to help the Senior Citizens.

One needs to log in and have the information.service they need is at hand.

I recently come across a site that offers this service.

Elder Abuse By Children Facebook Discussion.

It produces the opposite reaction.

You have run the family for nearly 30 t0 40 years and you have taught , or you thought you had taught your children to face Life,.

Why not leave them be?

What could they do?

They might make mistakes. like you and I have mad when we were young, or for that matter even now.

Why not admit that the younger generation may be( in Fact) is more intelligent in handling Life than we did?

Let them run the family the way they want.

If you have brought them up well and proper they would have the basic Morals alright.

That would do.

Not the silly expectation of them coming to you and submitting their account and informing y

Parents Abuse By Children India Law For Maintenance Details FAQs

Many dump their parents in OLd Age Homes.

This behaviour is not restricted to the poorer sections alone.

Affluent sections also resort to this, dumping parents in old age Homes , verbal abuse and refuse to maintain them.

I have a few posts on this under Lifestyle/India.

The population of the Senior citizens has been increasing over the years.

The Projected Population aged 60+ by sex as on 1st March 2001-2026, as per the Report of the Technical Group on Population Projections constituted by the National Commission on Population, May 2006 published by the Office of the Registrar General, India is as under:
Following are the procedures and FAQs on the subject.

The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents under Senior Citizens Act 2007.

Parents In Elderly Home, Children To Be Shamed

‘What have you done?

You took care of me because it is your duty.

You got married and we were the result.

It is your duty and it is no great shakes that you brought us up.

What is your contribution to the family today , economically or Physically?

We have commitments?


In such a Value system the move by the Maharashtra Government to shame the children who dump the parents in an Old Age Home by making Public the names of such children in News Papers.

Though this sounds fine, the finer aspect of Human Values is lost.

One who dumps parents in an Old Age Home will not be bothered if his name is Published as a defaulter.

This would hurt the parents more.

I would not be surprised if some socially conscious son files a case that this move by the objecting that this restricts the Freedom of The Individual and the State has no right in this matter.