Parents In Elderly Home, Children To Be Shamed

What the basic duty of Children is has to be pointed out and be forced at the point of a Gun is saddening.

Elder Abuse.
Who abuses Parents Most, Chart.

It is a fact that many a parents find themselves in a Destitute Home, euphemistically called variously, from Elders’Home, Visranti Nilaya,Retire Home,etc, the last names reserved for the Rich children’s parents.

The last-named have a high-sounding  reasons.

they have a well organised atmosphere,where they will be more comfortable than they would be with us”

What a concern?

The same group  is settled abroad, mostly the USA and satisfy themselves, by calling them on Skype?

If they fall sick the Homes will take care of them.

If the parents die there, they will they will transfer money to the Home to take care of the final Rites of the parents, as they have no time, the body will not be in good condition and they are not going to come back are they?

Parents, without going into the religious or sentiment aspect of things, bring up or at least used to bring up children without being conscious of it.

It was done as though it is an involuntary bodily function.

Never have they imagined/or imagine that they were/are doing it expecting that these children will be grateful or take care of them in their old age when they become infirm.

Nor did the parents whine every second that it was a tiresome affair and that. they’ can not manage ‘because of ‘time and physical constraints’

Nor did the parents engage Baby sitters , devoted exclusively to take care of children; nor did they brag how much they love the children and spend enormous sums on taking care of children.

Children now seem to be taken care of more for social status than urged by the natural instinct.

What ever be the motives , children must remember these are the idiots, who know nothing and were/are poor are the same fools who taught you how to use Toilet and fed you, in many case forcefully, to ensure you remain Healthy.

These are the incapable people who , despite the fact they had little money educated you , forgoing what the wanted for them.

Well, it is not the children’s concern.

Their refrain,

‘What have you done?

You took care of me because it is your duty.

You got married and we were the result.

It is your duty and it is no great shakes that you brought us up.

What is your contribution to the family today , economically or Physically?

We have commitments?


In such a Value system the move by the Maharashtra Government to shame the children who dump the parents in an Old Age Home by making Public the names of such children in News Papers.

Though this sounds fine, the finer aspect of Human Values is lost.

One who dumps parents in an Old Age Home will not  be bothered if his name is Published as a defaulter.

This would hurt the parents more.

I would not be surprised if some socially conscious son files a case that this move by the  objecting that this restricts the Freedom of The Individual and the State has no right in this matter.

“MUMBAI: The state Cabinet on Monday came out with a name-and-shame policy for grown-ups who do not take care of their parents, saying those who abandon their parents or leave them with no option but to take shelter in old-age homes will be put on a ‘defaulter (sic) list’ and their names widely publicized through newspapers…

However, everyone whose parents are in old-age homes may not face action. The policy says ‘children of those parents who have to live in old-age homes because their wards are not taking care of them will be put on the list.’

Legal experts said Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and Section 20 of the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956, make it mandatory for wards to look after their parents, failing which action can be initiated against them. If a person defies a maintenance order given by a magistrate, he/she can also be tried under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

For those who know Tamil.


I am 90.

My wife is 82.

I have two sons and one daughter .

Eldest son is employed in a Private Firm in Chennai.

He draws about Rs 9000 per Month.

He has a child.

My second son , also in Chennai, is doing some small business in Ambattur, Chenaai.

My Daughter is married and is living well in with her Husband  in Villiwakkam ,Chennai  and has two children.

I worked in a government Organisation, receive a pension of about Rs.9000 per month.

Me and my wife have been living separately in a  small portion in the same compound where my eldest son stays.

My wife, being 82, can not cook.

I have come here to end my days and hope I shall, soon.”

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