Parents In Elderly Home, Children To Be Shamed

‘What have you done?

You took care of me because it is your duty.

You got married and we were the result.

It is your duty and it is no great shakes that you brought us up.

What is your contribution to the family today , economically or Physically?

We have commitments?


In such a Value system the move by the Maharashtra Government to shame the children who dump the parents in an Old Age Home by making Public the names of such children in News Papers.

Though this sounds fine, the finer aspect of Human Values is lost.

One who dumps parents in an Old Age Home will not be bothered if his name is Published as a defaulter.

This would hurt the parents more.

I would not be surprised if some socially conscious son files a case that this move by the objecting that this restricts the Freedom of The Individual and the State has no right in this matter.

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