Rama’s War With Atlantis Ramayanas Missing Chapter

As the facts mentioned in the Ramayana by Valmiki, stand the test of available resources, Astronomy dating,Carbon dating, literary evidences from both internal and external,etymology of the words , cultural practices being practiced throughout the world, I take Valimiki seriously because of description of landmarks around the world, including the Nazca Lines of Peru, Vaikanasa Theertha in Russia, now called Baikal and many more references.I have written on all these.

Now One finds the name of Lord Rama, Dasaratha and Bharatha in Sumerian Kings List.

And there are Rama remains throughout the world.

Please check my pots on these.

I have, sometime back published an article Rama’s Empire Covered the world

One nagging doubt I had.

If Rama had conquered the world and established his Kingdom, whom did he defeat to gain these areas?

And how come Rama’s name is found in the Sumerian Kings list.

There was another powerful group of Kings in India, south of the Vindhyas.

Rama' Empire.jpg
Rama’ Empire.

They were treated as Dasyus since the Vedic period, rebels who though following Sanatana Dharma, were not strict follower of all Vedic thought.

Yet cordiality existed between the Tamils and the Sanatana Dharma people of the North.

Yet Rama does not seem to have sought the help of these powerful Kings in his fight against Ravana.

As a matter of record Ravana concluded a peace treaty with a Pandya King(read my post here )

Why did Rama choose the Vanaras,despite the fact that the Tamil Kings had cordial relationship with Ikshvaku Dynasty and these Kings were present in the Swayamvara and marriage of Rama with Sita?

In fact, Rama’s ancestor Satyavrata Manu, father of Ikshvaku, the founder of Ikshvaku dynasty was from the south and migrated to North before the great flood.(read my post here)

There seems to have been some issues between Rama Empire and the Tamils in between the time, the Tamil kings attending the Swayamvara and the defeat of Ravana.

Contrary to misinformation Rama though hailed from Ayodhya was originally from South and a part of Lemuria.

Why , then Rama, should be alienated from the Lemurians, other than Ravana?

Ravana as not in good terms with the Tamil kings as he repeatedly attacked Pandya Kingdom at Madurai and was defeated..

He sued for peace and entered into a treaty with the Pandya king.

So, considering the later empire of Rama throughout the world, could there be some global reasons to this ?

The answer to this has to found in the empire of Rama and the kings he had defeated to establish His empire.

I searched.

As Rama’s name has been found in the Sumerian King List, I checked Mesopotamia and Sumeria back ground.

We find Sanatana Dharma remains in these areas,not restricted to Rama alone.

There were three civilizations since 30,000 years ago.

30,000 BC

First Illuminatus, Gruad, rules in Atlantis.

15,000 BC

Tiahuanaco, the height of the Lemurian remnant, begins construction.

12,000 BC

Indian country of Rama existed. Remains of their large cities still exist in the deserts of India and Pakistan (Mohenjodaro). Indian texts from this period tell of anti-gravity space ships called Vimanas, or Astras, and a war with the Atlanteans on the moon. Curiously, Soviet scientists have discovered what they call “age-old instruments used in navigating cosmic vehicles” in caves in Turkestan and the Gobi Desert. The “devices” are hemispherical objects of glass or porcelain, ending in a cone with a drop of mercury inside. Some ancient Indian texts describe a war with Atlantis (who flew Vailixi machines) using flying machines and atomic bombs.,,

King Atlas (King Of Atlantis) and Prince Osiris (heir to the throne) desired to create secondary domains where they could re-establish the Lemurian Empire . This intention was thwarted by the actions of Osiris’ younger brother, the Emperor Seth. As present ruler of the Libyan/Egyptian Empire (that covered all of Africa), Seth decided that with the fall of Atlantis his Empire (in league with the rebel Sons of Belial) was to be its last stronghold. He made it his goal to re-establish the Atlantean Empire with himself as its all-powerful, ‘divine right’ emperor (of the world).

‘conflicting objectives resulted in deadly warfare between Osiris and his brother Seth. Leading Osiris’s Egyptian armies was Osiris’ eldest son Horus. After Osiris’ unfortunate ‘death’, Horus succeeded his father as king of the Libyan/Egyptian Empire. Intuitively, Horus knew what would happen when they landed in Libya. He completely distrusted his uncle. Horus persistently warned his father about Seth’s stubbornness and treachery. Osiris, believing in the goodness of the human heart, initially ignored his son’s advice. Subsequently, Osiris landed in Libya and after Seth’s abdication became Emperor’

After the demise of Osiris, his son Horus entered into a pact with Rama Empire(Emperor Zata’ar’s eldest son, Prince Rama.) to defeat Seth, the usurper.

This new Indus river civilization allowed Horus to establish a temporary chain of powerful fortress cities in the Sinai. Thus, Horus was able to attack Seth’s forces and later kill Seth in a mighty battle.

And when forces attacked Rama at Rishi Valley , they were defeated by Rama.

Thus for service rendered Rama go the territories in Sumeria.

Valmiki  concludes the Ramayana with the coronation of Rama and nothing more is heard of him later from Indian sources (at least to my knowledge) except extolling Rama’s virtues and reading Ramayana

Knowing Valmiki for his graphic details and narration of facts, in my opinion, he would not left this information.

As there are many versions of Ramayana, we might have lost a chapter detailing  Rama’s empire.

This could have been before Rama’s departure from this world

And there followed the first( or second) Great flood after Rama’s period, as recorded in world literature.

I shall be writing on the Rama Atlantis War in detail.




7 Replies to “Rama’s War With Atlantis Ramayanas Missing Chapter”

  1. Sir, ur work is full of wonderment. I like a lot.
    I m also beleive that people were in ramayana and mahabharat period they are far advance race then us. And also I won’t beleive in Darwin theory coz we must not came from monkeys .we may came from another planets like invading.
    Somehow our ancient people’s make us to forgot our knowledges or how to use them. Till date it’s myth.
    I do hats off for u sir


  2. Wonderful ji.realy on reading the feet of Rama yes the greatness need to be accepted.valients are bold brave & righteous.
    Good submission.




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