Rama’s War With Atlantis Ramayanas Missing Chapter

After the demise of Osiris, his son Horus entered into a pact with Rama Empire(Emperor Zata'ar's eldest son, Prince Rama.) to defeat Seth, the usurper. This new Indus river civilization allowed Horus to establish a temporary chain of powerful fortress cities in the Sinai. Thus, Horus was able to attack Seth's forces and later kill Seth in a mighty battle.

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Rama Empire Reply To Critics On Map Sanatana Dharma Dates

I published an article on Rama's Empire, showing the territories held by Rama. The map was based on the references in the Ramayana of Valmiki,the descriptions of the Geography of Valmiki, the reference to the Kings who attended Sita's Swayamwara, The description Valmiki provides while the Horse  of Lord Rama went around during the Aswamedha … Continue reading Rama Empire Reply To Critics On Map Sanatana Dharma Dates

Rama’s Empire Covered The World,A Study

1.Archeological findings. 2.Astronomical dating of events in Rama's Life and of the events that had taken place in what are Foreign lands to India now, mentioned in the Ramayana. 3.The Mahabharata connection. 4.The Vedic practices followed by almost all countries in some form or the other by civilisations which predate the recorded literature of these lands. 5.Cultural similarity, in many cases , identity.