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Rama’s Ancestor Manu Dravida, Bhagavatha Purana

I have been intrigued when I read about ancient History and Human migration.


It is said that a Group moved from the South Eastern portion, near Urals of the USSR to towards the east, south-east ans settled down in the land mass which was later christened as  India.


This is the beginning of the Aryan Invasion theory.


Another group moved in waves intermittently into Europe.


Some people of the first wave from this group settled down in Spain, North Africa.


Then came the second wave, people from this group settled down area which are now called Bulgaria, Hungary and Germany.


Curious is the fact that the same theory states that these people had driven out or mingled with the people in these areas , like the Gauls, Saxons.


My confusion is that if the earlier people had come into Europe only from the east, it is agreed that these waves of migration originated from Asia,how is it one finds people settled in these places already?


Similarly, it is also stated that the group which moved into India mingled with people in India, from the Sarasvati/Sindhu delta!


Then we have the Dravidas to think about.


They seem to have been here for quite some time before the advent of these migrations.


How and why?


I have been checking up books and the web to find a clue.


I searched the Vedas, Puranas and Tamil literature as these are the oldest records of Humanity.


Based on the information found in these texts I have been able to find places, Temples in the areas mentioned in them.


The Tamils are mentioned in the Vedic and Puranic texts and Tamil mentions extensively the Sanskrit Legends and Language.


There is this doubt of mine, if Rama is from the North, how is it he is Dark, Blue Black and Krishna Black?


North Indians are of fair complexion.


The worship of Skanda is mentioned in the Vedas but not in a very detailed manner.


But Tamil Literature calls him the personification of Tamil and is a chief God after Shiva.


Shiva is extolled in tamil more than in the Vedas.


Vedas speak more of Rudra.


Is there any connection?


Another thought.


Why should the Migration emanate from the Urals?

Why not from the areas where people have been living before these migrations that too in an advanced civilization?


The there is this unaccountable, based on the present theory,presence of Hindu, Vedic practices, temples and Tamil culture in the Americas, Italy, Polynesia,Middle east.


Then we have the history of Lemuria or Kumari Kandam.


What if the movement started form the southern areas ,that is from the Tamils?


Tamil History records the tsunami, which destroyed lands and Tamil Sangam.


One group might have moved towards the North  , to Saraswati River.


This can account for the presence of Tamil Brahmi scripts and the artifacts relating to the burial o the Dead, mention of Tamil Kings , Lands in the Ramayana Mahabharata and Puranas.


Another group moved into Europe by the sea ‘ spreading as far as Sumeria, and even the Maya Kingdom.


I shall be posting on these.


In the mean while I found a sloka in the Bhaghavatham which states that Satyavata Manu, the ancestor of Lord Rama was a Dravidian.


“Yo ‘sau satyavrato nāma, rājarṣir draviḍeśvaraḥ

Jñānaḿ yo ‘tīta-kalpānte, lebhe puruṣa-sevayā

Sa vai vivasvataḥ putro, manur āsīd iti śrutam

Tvattas tasya sutāḥ proktā, ikṣvāku-pramukhā”

-Srimad Bhagavatham 9.1.2-3

yaḥ asau — he who was known;

satyavrataḥ — Satyavrata;

nāma — by the name;

rāja-ṛṣiḥ — the saintly king;

draviḍa-īśvaraḥ — the ruler (lord, master) of the Draviḍa countries;

jñānam — knowledge

; yaḥ — one who;

atīta-kalpa-ante — at the end of the last kalpa,

lebhe — received;

puruṣa-sevayā — by rendering service to the Purusha;

saḥ — he;

vai — indeed;

vivasvataḥ — of Vivasvān;

putraḥ — son;

manuḥ āsīt — was  the Vaivasvata Manu;

iti — thus;

śrutam — I have already heard;

tvattaḥ — from you;

tasya — his;

sutāḥ — sons;

proktāḥ — have been explained;

ikṣvāku-pramukhāḥ — headed by Ikṣvāku;

nṛpāḥ — many kings.

That saintly king and ruler (king) of the Dravida Countries who was known by the name of Satyavrata, at the end of the last kalpa (before the Pralaya) .. received knowledge by service to The Purusha, he indeed was Vaivaswata Manu, the son of Vivaswan, his sons have been proclaimed as the kings, famous as the Ikshvakus.


sloka Citation.

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9 responses to “Rama’s Ancestor Manu Dravida, Bhagavatha Purana”

  1. Gunashekar Dharmaraj Avatar

    There is no such thing like Aryan invasion, it is all cooked up story bluffed by Europeans & Muslim invaders to prove their religion is far superior then us. In ancient India there was only Vedic followers across the length & breadth of this country. All who lead their life as per the Dharma were treated equal & fair. Earlier also there was constant struggle between the Dharmic & Adharmic people. Please do not break India in this name, it is already in the verge of that. Never think there were/are Aryans & Dravidians., we are all true Bharatiyas.
    With humble request, please do not mistake me.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Aryan Inavasion is a Myth.I have proved it in my posts.Please check under Hinduism.I have used the term here to distinguish between people from North and the Dravida,(means South).I will be posting a series on te subject of Human Migration where I intend to prove that the Sanatana Dharma originated from the South.Read my posts on Human Migration world India,Cataclysms Hinduism Migration series 1.More articles to followRegds


  2. Arati Avatar

    Sanatan Dharma was initially the same in Bharatvarsha with the demography of the population being predominantly dravidian. The same culture with little variations also was followed in Persia and Mesopatamia and the rest of the world. Even demographies had moved to some of these place e.g the Kurds in West Asia. Later on there were waves of migration over the 1000s of years all over these places including Bharatvarsha. The migrants ntermingled with the then existing Sanatan Dharanma as well as racial intermingling happened along with skirmishes that limited the predominant Dravidians only to the south and some places like Balochistan. Mughal and British invastions stopped the process for a while after which it has agained resumed.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      True .Please read y posts unde Hinduism, which suooports your obsservations.All with aschelogical, linguistic and asronoy evidence.Regds,Thank you


  3. Narayanan Avatar

    Hey! You need to understand one thing here. He is not a Dravidian king. He is king of Dravida which means king of peninsula. Moreover his name is in Sanskrit. Dravida in Sanskrit means peninsula.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      ‘Historically the word “drāviḍa” is used to denote the geographical region of South India,[4] and was devoid of any ethnic or linguistic identity.[4] In Prakrit, words such as “Damela”, “Dameda”, “Dhamila” and “Damila” evolved from “Tamila” could have been used to denote an ethnic identity.’ Kindly refer the Book ‘History of Tamils’ by P.T. Srinivasa Iyengar.


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