Indra Apsaras Moksha in Russia

Sanatana Dharma was in practice in Sri Lanka,Malaysia, Cambodia,Vietnam, Laos, Philippines,Japan,Fiji,China, New Zealand, Australia on the eastern side of the present India,

Middle East, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy,Spain,France, Britain,

African Continent,

South America, Central America,Mexico and North America(US).

This Sanatana Dharma had Dravida or South India conncetion.

This becomes evident when one reads Sanskrit Literature and Hindu religious texts in conjunction with Tamil literature and cross referencing the events found in these texts with the Great floods referred to in them.

Lord Rama’s ancestor Satyavrata Manu migrated from the South , land between Goa and the Indian Ocean, to Ayodhya with his two sons.

His other son with the help of Ganesha and Shiva moved towards the West through the Arabian Sea  and settled down in Europe and Africa.

This happened during the third Great Flood.

But the is another reference to the migration of the people from the Sarasvati Valley/Indus Valley towards North through Afghanistan and Russia .

A group among these moved into Europe as well.

This accounts for the migration of people from Asia into Europe in intermittent waves.

Sagara, he ancestor of Rama, more ancient than Satyavrata Manu who moved from the South to North.

This was the period when Ganga, the Ganges did not flow.

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