Indra Apsaras Moksha in Russia Sanatana Dharma was in practice in Sri Lanka,Malaysia, Cambodia,Vietnam, Laos, Philippines,Japan,Fiji,China, New Zealand, Australia on the eastern side of the present India, Middle East, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy,Spain,France, Britain, African Continent, South America, Central America,Mexico and North America(US). This Sanatana Dharma had Dravida or South India conncetion. This becomes evident when one reads Sanskrit Literature … Continue reading Indra Apsaras Moksha in Russia

Narahari Vishnu Temple in Russia

Amrvathi, the capital of Indra, the chief of Devas was in Russia,

Yagnyavalkya lived in Russia,

Lord Krishna's son, Pradhyumna founded a city Port Baijin, Russis,

The Vedas were called Santi Veda,.....

River Moksha is found in Russia.....

Narada Mountain called as Narodnya Mountain is found in the Urals,

There is evidence galore.