Narahari Vishnu Temple in Russia

I have written quite a few articles on the spread of Sanatana Dharma/Hinduism in Russia.

Lake Baikal is Vaikanasa Theertha,

Rig Vedic Mandala City in Russia,


Russia is sthree varsha,

Amrvathi, the capital of Indra, the chief of Devas was in Russia,

Yagnyavalkya lived in Russia,

Lord Krishna’s son, Pradhyumna founded a city Port Baijin, Russis,

The Vedas  were called Santi Veda,…..

River Moksha is found in Russia…..

Narada Mountain  called as Narodnya  Mountain is found in the Urals,

There is evidence galore.

I had also written on a Vishnu idol being found in Russia.

Now there is more evidence on this idol of Lord Vishnu.

Vishnu Idol in Russia
Narahari, Avatar of Vishnu Idol in Russia

The idol is from a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu Hari, a Form of Lord Vishnu.

Russian archaeologists agree to the spread of Sanatana Dharma in Russia but are divided on the issue whether the Sanatna Dharma  had spread from India to Russia or it is the other way around.

I will be writing on this issue in detail


‘Moscow, January 4: An ancient Vishnu idol has been found during excavation in an old village in Russia’s Volga region, raising questions about the prevalent view on the origin of ancient Russia.
The idol found in Staraya (old) Maina village dates back to VII-X century AD. Staraya Maina village in Ulyanovsk region was a highly populated city 1700 years ago, much older than Kiev, so far believed to be the mother of all Russian cities.


Kashmiri king, Lalithaadhitya Muthapeeda of Karkoda lineage  (AD 724 to AD 760)conquered Sthree Rajya and established there a temple for Narahari (Vishnu). This information can be found inRaja Tarangini of Kalhana.  After winning Sthree Rajya he went to Uttar Kuru. This king did not yield to the  lure of the beauty of the women of SthreeRajya and hence earned a name “Indriyakraaman”.

His grand son, Jayapeeda also had gone to Sthree Rajya and established his rule.

What is of interest to us is the discovery of a statue of Vishnu in Staraya Maina (in Samara)


This statue was dated at 8th century AD, the same period when Lalithadhitya Mukthapeeda established a Vishnu temple in Sthree Rajya.  From this it can be known that today’s Straya Maina was the Sthree Rajya of olden days.’

Reference  and citation.


6 responses to “Narahari Vishnu Temple in Russia”

  1. In Olden days, Indian kings conquered upto Russia and established Hinduism there. History will repeat.


  2. Dear Ramanan Sir Meeting after long time how are you sir This post is excellent as per my study Sanatana Dharma i.e. Vedic Dharma went from India to Russia and not the other way round because now it has been proved beyond doubt that humanity originated in India i.e. in Tibet or Trivishtapa from there Vedic Dharma spread all over the world might be this fact is not known to russian archaeologists for further reading please read one book tiltled India the birth place of Humanity written by narendra piplani book is in hindi english edition is also available if you want I will provide you the copy also waiting for your article in this issue also contact me on 09011350747 when you are free Please confirm and reply Regards Shrirang Sudrik Pune


  3. while reading the great epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha the rajas of different countries in these epics, I used to think why these rajas would be from these now so called advanced countries. I feel therefore, the Sanatana Dharma might have existed in those countries.


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