About Knowing


All of us have curiosity.We search.We want to know, feel. What is out there? What is Life? What is Death? Where were we before birth?Where do we go after Death? Is death painful? Is there Life after death? If so, what and how would it be? What is the purpose of Life? Of Death? Is there God out there? Are Religions really true or opiate of the Masses? What is Truth? How did the universe come into being? When would it end? Is it real? What is Knowing? Why do my thoughts change? My values change? Is there Heaven/ Hell? Why should I be and do Good?What is Good,Sin? We shall explore and see where we go.

Cognition, the states and processes involved in knowing, which in their completeness include perception and judgment. Cognition includes all conscious and unconscious processes by which knowledge is accumulated, such as perceiving, recognizing, conceiving, and reasoning. Put differently, cognition is a state or experience of knowing that can be distinguished from an experience of feeling or willing. https://www.britannica.com/topic/cognition-thought-process

Five Core Cognitive Skills

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