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Karzai admits receiving bags of Iranian cash

US starts with sanctions,runs out of steam,invades, places a puppet in power,faces opposition from locals,starts disbursing money; the occupied country also receives money from the power which US does not want,US leaves after assumption of office by a new president. Predictable script from Vietnam  days. Story: That bald acknowledgment brings out into the open two uncomfortable facts confronting the US

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How Effective Are Misinformation Campaigns to Manipulate Public Opinion?

Misinformation can be carried out on two fronts,suppresso veri, suggestio falsi (Suppress the Truth,Suggest the Falsehood)Goebbels led by Hitler was a past master on both the fronts at the same time,Jews were the cause for Reich’s ills(Suggestio falsi),the Third Reich are resettling Jews (supresso veri) and he has been successful .
Misinformation is resorted to by insecure rulers or out of necessity to hide the real intentions as with Bush stating Iraq had WMD.
A refined form of misinformation is labeled as Diplomatic language.

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Why isn’t the world supporting the democratically elected government of Iran ?

Reason is that excepting the US and UK, rest of the world feels Iran is being unfairly targeted by both US and UK for their own geo political interests..Another reason is that like Muammar Qaddafi and Hugo Chavaz ,President of Iran is seen as a man who challenges US openly which most of the world’s leaders would like to do but are not or can not

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