Killing Of Tamils What Is Wrong In Handling The Issue

They are trying their best in their own way to bring in awareness among the people of world about the injustice meted out to the Tamil People in Lanka and the massacre of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. These people, in their personal capacity are bringing this matter to the attention of the US Government , the Congress members of the US,Members of the EU and Australia. They had asked for my views on these issues. My views are. The Lankan issue , in my opinion, has not brought forth to the Public forcefully. Mere publishing of shocking videos/images and news items of sufferings of the individuals. The issue has not gone home to people it ought to.

White Flag Bearers Shot Dead Lanka Timeline

“I got messages not to shoot those who are carrying white flags. A war is fought by soldiers. They do so by putting their lives on the line. Therefore, the decisions about war should be taken by the soldiers in the battlefront. Not the people in air-conditioned rooms in Colombo. Our soldiers have seen in life the kind of destruction carried out by those people before they decided to come carrying a white flag. Therefore, they carried out their duties. We destroyed any one connected with the LTTE. That is how we won the war.”