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Nataraja Protector Of Buddhism Chinese Na Lo Yen Tien

Before the advent of Buddhism in China Hinduism was prevalent in China and Hinduism was indigence.

The spread of Hindu practices did not stop with the worship of Hindu Gods…Unorthodox systems Vaiseshika ,Nyaya, Martial Arts,Kalari, Weapons like Vajra also found their way into China.

Names of the Deities were changed to suit the local conditions.

In this process, Lord Nataraja also finds a place in China as a Deity, a Protector.

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4000 Years Chinese Multiplication 5000 Years Indian Maths

Because of philosophical approach, Indian History is mired in allusions , the Chinese History is hidden!
Indians have contributed to Mathematics by inventing 0 and Infinity ,apart from mathematical calculations.

There is a special branch of Mathematics by using which on can calculate Mathematical problems in a very short time mentally.

There are aphorisms for Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication and Division.

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The timeline of these is at least 5000 years.

Now a Chinese Table of Multiplication had been found, hidden among bamboo sticks…
To remember Multiplication Table, consider the sum of multiplicand and multiplier.

Remember the values for the sum 10 (all other values of the multiplication Table) using simple technique from Vedic Mathematics.

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Break Wills, Police Torture Training School

That The Chinese have a rich Culture,including the science of Exquisite torture , all of us know.

News emerges that the Chinese had been running a labor camp in the northeast of the country, called Masanjia, to torture the prisoners, often suspects and Political Dissidents.

Not content with this, they have used this ‘hands-on’ experience to teach the Police as to how to torture!


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Easy Steps To Read Chinese.

I came across an article in Forbes, outlining some simple tips to read Chinese Language.

Being one of the earliest languages and can rightfully boast of a highly evolved Culture,I regret that China has been being the bamboo curtain.

The rulers in China seem to believe that even opening up of information on Chin’s Culture might hurt their present political Culture, thereby affirming that their present reign is contrary to Chinese Cultre of yore.

It is a shame that one is left with scant information on one of the world’s earliest civilizations.

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