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Government Pentavalent Vaccine Kills Children

I had posted about unsafe Vaccines being used in India, with the active participation of the Government of India.

One such Vaccine, Pentavalent vaccine kills children.


(NaturalNews) Opposition is mounting in many developing countries against the use of pentavalent, or five-in-one, vaccines, which are being aggressively pushed by health authorities as a public health requirement. Reports indicate that an increasing number of mostly infants are dying not long after receiving the controversial jab, which is said to trigger an immune response to five different diseases in a single vaccine.

For instance, V.S. Achuthanandan, the Leader of the Opposition in Kerala, India, recently stated publicly that pentavalent vaccines should no longer be included as part of the government’s immunization program. Joining a chorus of opposition that recently erupted into a wave of protests, Achuthanandan referenced the many babies who have died following the vaccine as evidence that it should no longer be administered as part of the standard vaccination schedule.

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Best Selling Drugs Most Dangerous Lipitor Humira Plavix

People are more Drug Conscious rather than Health Conscious.

Some even go to the extent of associating Drugs and serious ailments with Social Acceptability and a matter of Pride indicative of Status.

One can come across people saying, I had a Heart attack,Stroke have High Cholesterol,Diabetes, Kidney Malfunction;taking Lipitor,Statins ”
They forget that having a disease is an indication of Ill Health and as such is something to be ashamed of.

Gulping Drugs with Esoteric names backed by high-powered advertising, people seem to enjoy taking Drugs.

The dangerous aspect is the side effects which are worse than the Diseases.

Another surprising fact is that the Drugs that bring in the Highest Revenue to the Drug Manufacturers are the Drugs of dubious Curative Nature, but are of guaranteed ,severe, at times irreversible side effect causing!

Look at these maximum earners.

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Marijuana brings families closer?!

  What next? Group Sex? Story: To the rites of middle-age passage, some families are adding another: buying marijuana for aging parents. Related. Dr. Mick E. Vanden Bosh brings out some good points concerning the push in South Dakota by drug advocates to use the “medical” marijuana issue to advance the legalization of recreational drugs. On the 2010

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