Ramayana Describes Pangaea Super Continent Geology Agrees

not a figment of someone’s imagination or Poetic Hyperbole,I have found during the course of my research for the past eight years on Indian texts by checking the information with modern science,like Physics,Chemistry,Geology,Archeology,Astronomy,Carbon Dating and cross referencing the information with the ancient civilizations of the world,their literature ,religious and cultural practices,legends and Etymology.

I also cross checked with the ancient texts in Tamil.

I am yet to come across information which is untrue.

I have written on the Super Continents of Rodina,Pangea and how they validate the

Rama Ruled Thirty One Years Not 11000

I have written on the  dates associated with Lord Rama. Birth/Deha Vyoha, Marriage, Leaving for  the forest with Sita, When Hanuman met Sita, Ravana was killed and Rama returned and was coronated. Lord Rama Dates These dates were arrived at by researchers looking into the Astronomical details found in the Valmiki Ramayana. And I have…… Continue reading Rama Ruled Thirty One Years Not 11000

Lord Rama Worshiped Shiva Valmiki Ramayana

Here I make an exception in producing evidence as this blog is considered authentic with references and is being quoted in research papers and Wiki.

I owe them this much.

Lord Rama,while returning to Ayodhya after the war at Sri Lanka by Pushpaka Vimana describes the places he had visited to Sita.

He describes Rameswaram as the place where Shiva showered His Blessings on Him( Rama)