Lord Rama Worshiped Shiva Valmiki Ramayana

I have written quite a few articles on the total identities of Gods in Hinduism.

None is higher than or lower than the other.

In fact, worship of personal Gods is not the message of the Vedas.

The Reality is a Principle.

It is called Brahman

It is beyond Attributes.

It is called Nirguna.

Yet, worship of Gods is followed in Hinduism.

Hinduism understands the limitations of the human mind.

One can not concentrate on Nothing.

The mind needs an Icon.

This Icon varies according to one’s disposition,Swabhava.

One likes Mother and he worships God as Mother.

In a lighter vein, why should Gods be Human beings?

Because we are human beings,we imagine Gods to be Super Human beins.

If a dog were to think of God,it would envision a Super Dog!

So the worship of Gods is to facilitate concentration which would help in Self Realization.

For more please read my article Is there God ,Yes and No.

I have written on Shiva Stuthi by Krishna,Krishna Stuthi by Shiva,Mantrarajapadam by Rudra on Narasimha.

Yet people persist on trying to differentiate Shiva and Vishnu.

In one of the articles, I have written that Lord Rama worshiped Shiva at Rameswaram.

I have been receiving a lot of brickbats for this article,asking me to provide proof from Valmiki Ramayana.

I do not normally respond to these type of comments from people who do not check.

Here I make an exception in producing evidence as this blog is considered authentic and used as references in Phd and is being quoted in research papers and Wiki.

I owe them this much.

Lord Rama,while returning  to Ayodhya after the war at Sri Lanka by Pushpaka Vimana describes the places he had visited to Sita.

He describes Rameswaram as the place where Shiva showered His Blessings on Him( Rama)

Here is the text and translation from Valmiki Ramayana.



Rama worships Shiva. Image
Rama worships Shiva as Shiva Linga

एतत् कुक्षौ समुद्रस्य स्कन्धावारनिवेशनम् || ६-१२३-१९
अत्र पूर्वं महादेवः प्रसादमकरोत्प्रभुः |

19. etat = this; (is the island); kukShau = located in the middle; samudrasya = of the ocean; skandhaavaara niveshanam = where my troops were stationed; atra = at this place; puurvam = formerly; prabhuH = the Lord; mahaadevaH = Shiva (the supreme deity); akarot = bestowed; prasaadam = his grace; (on me).

“See this island, located in the middle of the ocean, where my troops were stationed. At this place, the lord Shiva (the supreme deity) formerly bestowed his grace on me.”

Valmiki Ramayana,Yuddha Kanda,Sarga 123,Sloka 19.


6 responses to “Lord Rama Worshiped Shiva Valmiki Ramayana”

  1. Dear Sir, This is really a great blog providing answers to a lot of questions about Hinduism. I have one question here regarding Rameshwaram. It is said that Lord Rama worshiped Lord Shiva here to nullify the BrahmaHatti Dosham on Killing Ravana the Brahmarakshasa. But as per the above explanation by Valmiki Ramayan, Rama is said to have got the blessings before the war has taken place. Can you please explain the case here?

    Also I have one question, that the original Valmiki Ramayan does not contain Uttara Khanda which is said to have interpolated at a later point of time.

    Can you also explain your stand on this part?


    • Though Lord Rama was the Manifestation of Lord Vishnu,having been born as a Human being,he was bound by His actions.Sastras state that killing a a learner Brahmin attracts Brahmahathi Disha. Hence though the Avatar was meant to help Devas and others from the Asura headed by Ravana,to Help Jaya and Vijaya,who were Vishnu’s Dwarapalakas,to attain Vaikuntam,Rama attracted the Brahmahathi Dosha.In Hinduism,Gods are not above Karmic law once they are born.
      Please read my article on this.
      As to Uttarakanda ,Valmiki wrote many versions of Ramayana.What we are following does not have Uttarakanda. I can not determine which is correct. To me all versions of Valmiki and the one by Lord Hanuman are correct
      Thank you and Regards.


  2. Some say Ramayana and Mahabharata are only written stories like folk tales. Is it so? But I really believe that both epics teach us pros and cons of our actions. Kindly educate me.


    • All our epics,puranas are facts. Kindly read my articles where I have provided proof.Please check Hinduism category in this site. You may Google ramayana date ramanan50 and smililarly for other terms. Regards


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