Gotra Of Shiva Vishnu Brahma

The term Vishnu is from the Sanskrit root Jishnu 'Vishnum Jishnum Mahavishnum prabha Vishnum Maheswaram' Vishnu Sahasranama. Jishnum means 'supporting,supportive' As Vishnu is the Protector and supports the Universe,he is called Vishnu.

First Only Description of Yogi in Rig Veda, Kesin

This was the first system by Lord Shiva and His disciple Patanjali developed a relatively easy system Asthtanga Yoga. Shiva was the first to practice Vaasi Yoga and He is called the Adi Yogi the First Yogi.

Britisher Who Saw Lord Shiva Renovated Shiva Temple  Baijnath Agar Malwa

I have written  articles on The Sage who spoke from the Grave,Goddess Meenakshi leads by hand,Goddess Abhirami plays,how,all documented. Here is another such recorded fact. A Britisher's prayer to Shiva was answered and her husband saw Lord Shiva

Rama Name Equals Thousand Names Of God Numerical Explanation

Ancient Indian texts have minimum four meanings. 1.Literal meaning. 2.An Allegory to indicate a Spiritual fact. 3.A hidden meaning indicating Tantra Sastra. 4.Explaining a scientific fact. 

Five Burning Ghat Shiva Temples

Though there are Bhairava Temples in the North indicating Shiva's association with Burning Ghats and there is the association of Varanasi, Benares with Burning Ghat, there seems to be no clear