Gotra Of Shiva Vishnu Brahma

There was a query from one of the readers of this blog as to which Gotra the Trimurthis,Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva belong?

Thrimurthis are Brahma ,Vishnu and Rudra.

Rudra is an aspect of Shiva,and  Not Shiva in His all aspects.

Vishnu is an aspect of Narayana.

The term Vishnu is from the Sanskrit root Jishnu

‘Vishnum Jishnum Mahavishnum prabha Vishnum Maheswaram’ -Vishnu Sahasranama.

Jishnu means ‘supporting,supportive’

As Vishnu is the Protector and supports the Universe,he is called Vishnu.

Narayana is an aspect of Brahman,Reality.

And Vishnu is an aspect of Narayana.

There are two interpretations of the term Narayana.

Narayeti Narayanaha,one who shows Man(Nara) how to Live,conduct Himself.

Another is One who lives in Water(naaram),Ocean of Milk,Ksheera Sagar.

So Vishnu is an aspect of Narayana,who is an aspect of Nirguna (beyond Attributes) Nirguna Brahman,Reality beyond Attributes,a Principle.

Now to the Gotra of Brahma,Vishnu and Rudra.


Sage Kasyapa had thirty three children.

Eleven Rudras,Twelve Adityas,Eight Vasus, Two Aswini Kumaras.

These thirty three are the Primary God’s of Hinduism.

Of them were twelve Adityas,and eleven Rudra.

Therefore Rudra and Vishnu belong to Kasyapa Gotra,by lineage.

As Brahma was born of Vishnu,He belongs to Kasyapa Gotra.

As to Shiva,there is no reference of Him having been of Womb in any of His Avatars.

Therefore Gotra can not be ascribed.

The eleven Rudras.

  1. Nirriti
  2. Shambhu
  3. Aparajita
  4. Mrigavyadha
  5. Kapardi
  6. Dahana
  7. Khara
  8. Ahirabradhya
  9. Kapali
  10. Pingala
  11. Senani

Twelve Adityas.

  1. Vishnu (The head of all the Adityas
  2. Aryama
  3. Indra
  4. Tvashtha
  5. Varuna
  6. Dhata
  7. Bhaga
  8. Parjanya (Savitr?)
  9. Vivasvan
  10. Amshuman
  11. Mitra
  12. Pushya

Reference and citation.Âdityas

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